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First Time Alone Without Parents

February 26, 2008
By Anonymous

One day my grandparents came down from the U.P in Sue. Saint Marie M.I. They came to stay for a few days , and then leave an take my sister Danielle & I for a week.

1.☺It all started when I got up one day and I realized that my grandparents were coming. I started to get butterflies inside & some regrets . Then I thought about the good things that we could do to make me and my sister forget about missing our family at home.☺
T hen when my grandparents got to are house. I was so happy when I saw them parked in the drive way that I ran out there and hugged them a million times. I missed them so much. It felt like I hadn't seen them for a million years.

They had been there all night long and we didn't even know that they were there. When everyone got up we ate breakfast together. As always my grandparents had coffee & some toast. Then we went outside & my grandparents did there dirty habit I can't say what it is , but you probably already know so I will say it. Yes, it is smoking . Anyway back to the story. Then we went inside.

We had chili for lunch with saltine crackers,& we sprinkled cheddar cheese on top, It was delicious. Then when we were all done with lunch me & my grandparents went & visited my granny & brought her to my aunt Chris & uncle Tom's to visit for a little while. So I got to see my aunt Chris's new dog it is a girl dog and her name is Spirit. She is really shy because her first owners beat her a lot.

After we left we went back to my house to have dinner & dessert. Then after we spent time with my granny for awhile my grandparents took her home. Then when they came back we went to bed.

Then the very next day we packed are bags. Then we had breakfast & then we spent time with are brother& parents then we had lunch. Then we packed the car up then me & my sister started to get teary eyed then I started to cry then my sister did ,because we were going to miss are parents so very much. Then we gave are dad , mom & brother a hug & kisses. I couldn't stop crying I was going to miss them so very much.

After we were ready we said are last goodbyes & got, in the car and when we were leaving me & my sister yelled goodbye as we left I started to cry an hour into the trip. When we got there at 12:00AM in the morning. After we were their for an hour I had ice cream & then I got ready for bed. Then in the morning I made toast with my grandpa's fresh homemade bed that tastes really good with jelly. That night my sister cried a little. That got me started. Then when my grandparents got up we went and got a pool when we came back we started filling it with water then we cleaned it with shock , Cloying. Then the rest of the time we had are cousin come & spent time with her & her sister.

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