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First Experiences

November 1, 2007
By Anonymous

First experiences can be defining. Cite a first experience that you have had and explain its impact on you.

My unforgettable experiences takes place in Cancun and the Bahamas with the sounds of waves in my ear and the different cultures I learn from the foods, the weather and the culture. The food in Mexico is muy differente than here in the U.S. There I can still get McDonald’s or Burger King, but the tortillas, frijoles, pollo, bisteak, carne y fruta, and with all the foods being so fresh and coming straight out of the oven, the food is excellent. Another moment I will never forget; from the restaurant to the hotel with cuts on my feet from my sandals, from being soaked from the heavy rain, and having water come towards us, my uncle, cousin and I were walking in a flood, that was probably half to a foot or rain. After Cancun, the family and I drove to Mérida (3-4 hours away) to see one of my moms’ cousins. There we took a trip to the pyramids, and from there on, is one moment I will never forget. My tía, cousin, and I climbed up one of these pyramids; at first it wasn’t so bad going up with the rope to hold onto, but coming back down my aunt, cousin and I were afraid that we might fall with the steps being so narrow. But from the top of the pyramid we saw an amazing view of all the ancient buildings or civilizations and the beautiful gardens and waterfalls.

Years later, my parents and I took a trip to the Bahamas for my dads’ work. Just like the food, the weather and the culture, in Cancun; the food in the Bahamas was not all that different, compare to here in the States, but it may look the same, but definitely taste different. A lot of seafood and fruit were popular on the island, and again they served Subway, Burger King, and other fast food restaurants. The incredible weather on the island my father and I swam with the dolphins and took pictures of us swimming with them and doing tricks, but the water was cold from the sea water. Then later on my father and I went parasailing, there we saw an astounding view of the island that we were staying at and the harm the hurricane left behind. The birds’ eye view of the ocean was a WOW, with all the different colors of the sea from a teal green to the light aqua blue. Every Tuesday night, you could hear the sound of melody playing and people chanting some words, and the beautiful clothing they were wearing, the Bahamians really wanted to make their visitors or foreigners never forget what they just experience.

From Mexico to the Bahamas, the hotels we stayed on the beach, and every morning, afternoon and night you could hear the sounds of soft waves and a breezy feel of the wind coming into the room, probably one of the most peaceful feelings that you will ever feel in your life and the different cultures I learn from.

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