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November 3, 2008
By ayaman PLATINUM, Tenafly, New Jersey
ayaman PLATINUM, Tenafly, New Jersey
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The strong smell of rotting trees and bark fill my nose as I breathe in the fresh air. I can hear a faint yet annoying squeak and four pairs of tires rolling down a narrow path. The morning dew rests on the small patches of grass here and there, and the grass glistens, as if made of glass. I can sense someone behind me even though I know he is there. We are both lost in our thoughts as our surroundings drown us in a strange silence that only nature can bring to you no matter how loud it actually is. Two soft, leather straps rest on my shoulders as the padded bag lightly touches my back. Every time I turn a corner I can feel the wind blowing past my body and it feels as if the world turns on an angle as I lean to the side.
I turn a corner and find my brother and me on a path next to the sidewalk as we travel next to the road. It's an entire change of scenery. Noisy cars pass by and the stores next us are just opening. I cross the road ahead of me, not knowing whether my brother had to stop or not. I look down on the brick path that I am traveling on and find myself thinking about the bricks disappearing one by one behind me. I ride around the roundabout and onto a path probably not meant for cars that happen to be extremely big. My brother evens up next to me and we ride together. I take a look around and see large fields on one side of me and a road blocked from my view by a fairly unattended and messy hedge. I see a long road in front of me and very far in the distance; I can make out the shape of the large building that I am heading towards. It isn't a bad thing but I have to on this trail every morning and every afternoon. It happens to be a very relaxing way to start your day.
I take one last breath of the fresh air I am about to miss, and race towards the building. As great as this ride is, I happen to be late.

The author's comments:
Written about my daily routine in those glorious 2 years in The Netherlands

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