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The strange holiday

December 1, 2008
By Anonymous

When I went to Italy in about forth grade, I remember sitting on the plane and wondering what I was going to do the whole time I was there. Two weeks is a long time and the only thing I brought was a skateboard and a rugby ball. I was so exited because it was summer there and they, (meaning the friends that we were staying with), had the nicest outdoor pool with diving boards and slides. That was a lot for me since in London, people have small yards and no way enough room for their own pool.

I was also looking forward to seeing their wolf since the last time we were there it was only a puppy. I thought of it as a big dog but I should have thought of it as a wild animal.

My dad had a previous meeting with the wolf when it was a puppy. A few years before I went my dad went to stay with them while he had a photo shoot there. He told me that it was getting dark out and that he entered the kitchen, asked what’s to eat and then the wolf just jumped up and sunk his razor shard teeth into his chin as if he were a vampire craving for blood. Every one thought it was an accident but after my experience you couldn’t say.

It was dark outside when we landed in Milan, (a big and exciting city). The funny thing was that the air smelled like we didn’t leave, it smelled like oil and gas. I wasn’t sure whom we were staying with but both my parents knew them well. It was a guy called Pedro and he was waiting for us were all the newsagent stands were, right outside of the baggage claim area.
“Ciow, how are you”, he said to my parents as soon as they were close enough to hear each other, over all the commotion in the airport.

We had only bought one thing in the airport and that was glow in the dark balls, which was good for us since we were probably going to be jetlagged so it would be something good to play at night. The first thing we thought about doing when we got there was playing with them. We went into our backpacks, each got ours, took off the plastic that was wrapped around each of them and started to play. Unlucky for me the wolf was interested with them to so he grabbed the one I was using and started to play with it. I also wanted that one so I figured out to diverted him by throwing one of the other ones so that he would chase after it while I snatch mine. I thought it had worked and when I was reaching for it the wolf grabbed my fingers and ripped the skin all the way round. It hurt so badly and the moment was extremely painful. I remember all this blood that drenched my bright green t-shirt and that it was just dripping down onto my shoes as if somebody hadn’t screwed the tap off completely. Then the wolf just let go. I also remember looking at my fingers and seeing the skin pull able off my fingers like a pen cap.

The whole action was a shock to me so I started shouting for my mum and dad. My parents rushed out and treated me with butterfly stitches, a tub of freezing water and ice.

That part of the vacation was extremely boring for me and didn’t feel like much of a vacation for me because after that I couldn’t go in the pool without something giving me extreme pain in my hand. The next two weeks went by really slowly as I watched my brother and sister laugh as they splashed around and had fun in the pool.

It wasn’t the best vacation that I can remember for sure but it is definitely one of the memorable ones. It’s not like every vacation you get bit by a wolf.

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