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America Is Beautiful

January 27, 2009
By Tirion BRONZE, Cornelius, North Carolina
Tirion BRONZE, Cornelius, North Carolina
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America Is Beautiful
As soon as my feet stepped off the train and onto the sidewalk they moved like beaters, kicking up dirt and dust around me. We manipulated our way around many lines but ended up following the swarm of people. We couldn't help it. Never before had I seen so many people united by one hope, one desire ' to witness history. I urged my family to hurry. My Dad and I had disagreed the night before on what time to get up and leave for the National Mall. He wanted to sleep in. I wanted to get there early. I always do.
'We must get as far up as possible.' I shouted. But, I don't think they heard me over the sounds of the crowd. At 4:30 AM, we finally reached the Mall and spread out our blankets in front of the JumboTron. That spot would become home for the next 8 hours. The cold wind nipped at my legs as I stood gazing at all of the people. It didn't take much nagging to convince me to huddle up with my family under our only 2 blankets so that we could get warm. By 5:00, the lines to the Porta-Potties had formed and I forced myself to visit one before the cold caused my bladder to explode. Just before 8:00 AM, girl scouts and boy scouts came by distributing small flags to the thousands of people around us. Snipers and military personnel guarded the rooftops of public buildings on the Mall, scanning the crowd with their high-powered binoculars. Over the next several hours, people settled in around us, bringing blankets, sleeping bags, food, and cameras. I thought to myself, 'Wow. I'm actually here. I never imagined it would be so much fun.'
By 10:00 AM, the crowds were massive, a sea of eyes fixed on the JumboTrons. As Sunday's concert played on the jumbo screens, the crowd sang and danced while proudly waving American flags. A group of people behind us started the electric slide. As the program started, we watched famous people flood the Capitol and take their seats. When Obama walked in, the roar blew in like a tsunami. I was taken with the smiles of Sasha and Malia and knew that they were really proud of their dad. I looked at my family and everyone was smiling ear to ear. When Obama took the oath, many around me wept with joy while others smiled and waved their flags. I knew that I was privileged to be there. As the many diverse people around me hugged, kissed, and cheered, I noted to myself that I had never seen so many smiles in one place. America is beautiful!

The author's comments:
My twin sister and I were very privileged to attend the Inauguration in Washington on January 20, 2009.

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