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Mortis Sumbra

May 22, 2013
By MaskRising BRONZE, Dayton, Ohio
MaskRising BRONZE, Dayton, Ohio
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Fear not the man who can harm your body, but fear the beign wich can take your soul.


My eyes snapped open and I was breathing heavily. I looked down at my alarm clock. It was one a.m., another cold and almost sleepless night. A slight tear fell from my eyes before I smashed my head down into my pillows and let out a small scream. I got up from my bed and searched into my special box, grabbing onto a broken red collar and an old golden watch. I clenched the items in my hands tightly, almost fiercely, in anger until I passed out, my hand hanging limply from my bed as I dropped the watch and the collar hanging delicately from my fingers.


Mortis Sumbra

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