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The Future is Coming

January 23, 2020
By Elley2020, Souderton, Pennsylvania
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Elley2020, Souderton, Pennsylvania
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Author's note:

Like Morgan I am a Senior in high school. Ive felt many of the same things she has and I thnk its good for people to know that Senior year has its ups and downs

My name is Morgan James and I’m 18, I’m a senior at Belgrade high school. Next week I'm graduating so this week is studying and finals and more studying. I'm glad that schools almost over but at the same time I’m scared for the future, at the beginning of the year I couldn't wait to graduate but now  its a week away I’m starting to panic, for my whole life I've had people telling me where to go, what to do and when, but that's going to change, everything's up to me now, I have to make my own decisions about my future.. Moving on to a more positive subject my senior prom is this weekend,just a few days before I'm done with high school. I have a long dark blue dress that fades to white at the bottom and it had spaghetti straps along with a jeweled belt around the waist, My Boyfriend Hayden is going to wear a gray tux with a dark blue tie. Its stressful having all this happening at once while still trying to do work with horses and I don't just mean client horses I mean my own horse. You know what I need a break from studying Desert Rose here I come. 

I run out of my room down the stairs and out the door straight to the barn once I opened the door I saw the horses staring at me but I saw one pair of eyes that I knew very well and sure enough it was Rose. I went to her and petted her head then went to get my tack. After about 20 minutes of grooming and tacking her up we were finally ready for a ride. I walk her out of the barn and jump on and we gallop out of the year and into the fields, it was almost sunset but I dont care ive been glued to books for the past 12 hours and it was about time that I took a break and did something that I love with an animal I love. After about an hour or 2 we finally headed back to the barn, It was almost dark and as much I hated to admit it, I have to get back to studying. 

***4 days later****Friday

I just got done with my last final, time to go home and relax until tomorrow. I got home and put my stuff in the house and changed out of my school close and in to some close more suitable for ranch work, I decided to just go on a nice trail ride with rose and of course Hayden tagged along on his horse we talked about tomorrow and just random things for a few hours and then we went back to my house and watched a movie, we ended up falling asleep on the couch. Hayben woke me up around 9 so I go start getting ready for prom while he went back to his house and got ready and did some stuff with his buddy Logan (which happens to be my best friend's boyfriend) My friend Ashly and I were getting out hair done at a  salon because we are too lazy to do it ourselves, that took about 2 hours, we went back to my house and did make up and nails and then finally got on our dresses, by then it was close to 7. The boys got to my house and we started taking pictures,after an hour it was time to leave for the dance. When we arrived we were amazed at how amazing the place looked, my school had their senior prom in a hotel ballroom and it was gorgeous, we looked around at all the decorations. Hayden asked to dance, of course I said yes but first I took of my heels and put them with our stuff at a table. We danced for what felt like ages but it was only a few houses, my feet were killing me but I didn't care I just want to enjoy prom, around 1 PM it was time to go home, I took off all my makeup and undid my hair and go in to some PJS, as soon as  my head hit my pillow I was out like a light.

I pretty much just layed low for the rest of the weekend, prom was really fun but man Im still tired from it and its monday, after finals the seniors are done with school.Graduation isn't until friday so we got a few days off before the rest of the school did, which we all enjoyed. My best friend Ashly and I went shopping for something to wear for graduation. After Ashley made me go to every store and some stores twice she finally found something, I had found a dress in the first store: it was a simple black lace dress, I’m not really into all the fancy stuff. For the rest of the week I pretty much just watched movies and went riding with Hayden and our two friends.

The author's comments:

Authors Note: this story is true about the emotions a senior goes through with the end of the school year coming to an end, It's both exciting and terrifying. It's also ok to feel those emotions because one of the biggest chapters of your life is coming to a close but at the same time the world is waiting for new people, there's a whole new chapter that you get to write any way that you want.

***Graduation day***

I was sitting in a metal chair in my schools gym listening to my classes valedictorian talk about how we finally made it and we just about had, we just needed to get our diplomas, which started as they were done with their speech. For a good half hour I watched my classmates get their diplomas when I heard my name, it took me a few seconds to realize what happens but once I did, I got up and talked on stage and got my diploma: my goal for the past 12 years had finally been reached, I went back and sat down until everyone had gotten theirs, we threw our caps up in the air and that's when the celebration started .

I grabbed my cap and before I could turn around I could sense that someone was behind me and sure enough it was hayden and with in a few minutes both our parents had found us and we all walked out of the gym. As I walked out of the school for the last time, I realized that I had finally done it, I did it, I was finally done with school, with that came with a lot of emotions: I was happy to be done with finals and drama but at the same time I would miss my friends, we no longer had to wake up at 6am but at the same time we were on our own now, I looked at hayden and he gave me a look that told me everything was going to be ok and I believe it.

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