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The Horror of Natalie Mell

January 5, 2011
By AlisaG101 BRONZE, Colchester, Connecticut
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AlisaG101 BRONZE, Colchester, Connecticut
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"I'd rather die tomorrow, than live a hundred years without knowing you"

Natalie had just come home from school. Her day didn't go well, but with out a doubt she made it. Natalie would rather be in school than home.
Home life wasn't so well for her. Every night or ever day she came home from school her mother would be waiting for her.
Natalie would expect to get hit or punished for something she didn't do.
Her friends know nothing about it because if someone was to know they would call social services.
Natalie has a rotten life, but for some reason she doesn't want to move, she doesn't want to live in a foster home.
When she was young her father left town. Natalie never saw him again after that. Her mother never talked about him.
Natalie wanted to know more about him, but if she even said his name she would get a beat down.
When she was younger, her father cheated on her mother. Natalies father did it because her mother had slept with so many other men.
She deserved it.
As Natalie got off the bus, her mother was sitting there, in the porch waiting.
The bus left only a few seconds later. Natalie was horrified because her mother looked madder than usual. She didn't know what to do, but what could she do. Nothing
Her mother called to her. Natalie went inside and her mother chased after her.
Natalie should have expected what was going to happen, but she didn't. She never usually made it into the house and up the stairs to her room, but she didn't make it to her room, she was desending the stairs, when her mother reached for her and jerked on it. Her mother yanked on her arm so hard it felt like her arm was going to pop out of its sockets.
Her mother kept yanking and jerking her arm. Natalie finally lost balance and fell down the stairs.
When she got up, it felt like someone had bruised her face, and her body ached to know end.
When she got up, her mother was standing right in front of her.
Natalie got kicked, and then heard her mother say, "You little b****. You've been in my room taking things from me, haven't you?" She was pissed.
"I haven't been in your room." Natalie said, she then got kicked again beacuse her mother didn't believe her.
Her mother bent down and grabbed a fist full off hair and pulled her to her feet. Her head was in so much pain.
Her mother dragged her up the stairs and threw her into her room.
She then pointed and said, "Then whats that?" She pointed at the writing on her mirror, it said, "DIE IN HELL B****."
Natalie knew she didn't do that, her mother did have friends, and people who knew about her beating me. There was always a erason why Natalie never told anyone because something like this would happen to her.
Her mother again pulled her daughter to her feet, "You expect me to believe that you didn't write this on my wall?" She said.
"I didn't." Her mother didn't do anything. Natalie finally got from her grasp and ran.
She couldn't take it anymore, couldn't take the beatings ot pain she was feeling, she then knew there was only one way to stop it, she would kill herself.
Thats exactly what she did, she left her mothers house and ran down the creek. It was bad, she had taken the gun from her mothers room while in there for the beating.
She put the gun to her head and pulled the trigger. She fell into the creek and no one found her body until a month went by.

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