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The Day The Earth Stood Still

January 15, 2011
By googleberry32, Oroville, California
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googleberry32, Oroville, California
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live life for today because yesterday is gone and theres no promise tomorow will come

Author's note: i was in my room late at night when it just popped into my head and flowed onto the paper

Life was fine and kind of easy. I lived with my mom, dad, and little sister. I am 16 and my little sister is barely 1. We lived on a nice ranch with horses, cows, chickens, and a bunch of beautiful other animals but my favorite was my dog crystal she was a husky/wolf. She was white with a little bit of black on her back. It was my job to feed the animals every morning at 4am and rocky the rooster made sure of that he would crow and squawk until I got up and gave him his special treat. After I fed the animals I had to milk the cow and gather eggs for breakfast then go in the kitchen and start the bacon and toast. My mom was always up by the time the bacon was half way done so she finished it and started the eggs as I got ready for school. I would take a shower and get dressed in the clothes I picked out the night before then I would brush my hair in a bun like I always did because it brought out my bright blue eyes. To help out my mom I would wake up my little sister and get her ready for the day then go down stairs for breakfast. I was so excited to get to school because it was my friend Asiabella’s birthday and I had made her a gift. It was a dress with her favorite colors pink, purple, red, and black. Every time one of us has a birthday we make each other something because we don’t have money and can’t afford to buy each other one. Last year she gave me a doll made out of corn skin with a little dress her mom sewed herself with pockets and a little flower on the front and I gave her a necklace with a beautiful soft, shiny, and colorful rock that my daddy help me drill a hole in it so I could put the string on it. My birthday is in 21 days and I can’t wait so I can see what she makes me I’m so excited. So when I got on the bus I was so so surprised that Asiabella was not on the bus because the bus always picked her up first because she was 6 or 7 houses away from mine I can never really remember. So I thought maybe her mom or dad or maybe even her sister drove her to school so I waited till I got to school but when I did she wasn’t there either. The teacher asked me if I saw here and I said not since last night when we went riding but I was sure she would be there she had to because she never missed a single day of school. I was worried all day because asiabella was still not there. The day never seemed to end and I just couldn’t wait till I got home so I could go over there to see why she wasn’t at school. When I got home I ate an apple because mom insisted I eat something then I went and water/fed all the animals. I saddled up my horse majesty and rode her to her house and nobody was there not even Asia’s elderly grandma. So I checked on her animals and they hadn’t been fed yet which was extremely weird so I fed them and watered them and left a note on there door with Asia’s present on the bench by the door. I went riding some more and I went back by Asia’s house on my way home like 3 hours later and the note was still there and so was her present it wasn’t even moved not by the wind not by the cat not by any one it kind of worried me but then I thought maybe she was just visiting one of her friends or relatives out of town. Tomorrow I will see if she is at school if not I’m going to ask my mom what happened and if she can figure something out to get a hold of them. Well today was good it is kind of stormy so I had to gather all the cattle and horses and goats into the barn and the chickens into the pen and crystal in the barn too. When I got on the bus Asia still wasn’t there. I asked everybody and they said they hadn’t seen her. So I went thru the day I couldn’t concentrate the whole day through but when I got home I told my mom and she just looked at me as thou she had seen a ghost. It kind of scared me I had never seen that look on my moms face ever. She just shied off what I said and told me to get ready for dinner. I thought it was really weird because mom had never ignored what I had said before. So at dinner I asked her “Do you know where Asia, her parents, and her nana is.” Again she didn’t answer me she changed the subject to dad working on the neighbors farm. I started getting very angry so I accidentally yelled at them “Why the hell aren’t you listening to me. What is it that you know but wont tell me and why” It was a very long and acquired silence before someone said anything and it had to be my little sister saying she had to go to the bathroom. My mom said she would handle it I said no I would and when I got back she was going to tell me everything. She looked very mad I could see the veins in her neck and forehead pulsing. As I was in the bathroom with my sister Angela I could hear my mom and dad talking but it was too muffled to understand a thing so I opened the door a little bit and all I heard was “I knew she would find out just not this soon.” Then crystal pushed the door open more and it creaked so they stopped and looked down the hall right at me. When she was done we went back to the table and I sat down and told them to finish what they were saying. My mom said “Asia was in an accident and there not sure how well she’ll do.” My mouth dropped and I started crying and screaming I was irritated that my mom and dad didn’t tell me a single thing. When I told them she wasn’t at school they didn’t tell me anything all they said was maybe she’s sick. I was so mad at them but I wasn’t sure if I was more mad at them for not saying anything or me for not knowing. I said as I cried “Wh wh what ha ha happened….li like is sh she o ok.” All they could do was sob and look down. I was so devastated I cursed and screamed and cursed some more than ran outside sattled majesty and took off like a bullet fired from a gun. I didn’t care where I was going or why or even how long it was going to take. I was just getting as far away from there as possible and as soon as I could. I finally stopped at a park somewhere and while Majesty drank from the pond I just sat there and thought how could they not tell me? Was it my fault? All I knew was I had to find her to find out what kind of accident she was in. Other wise I wouldn’t be able to eat or sleep ever again. I got back up on Majesty and rode back to Asia’s house took care of her animals and grabbed the note and her present and went home. I went to my room and grabbed my blanket and pillows and everything I needed because I wasn’t staying there anymore I went to the barn and that is where I was planning on staying forever. I had two weeks of school off for some stupid holiday that meant nothing to me. I still did my normal outside chores and that was it. I didn’t have the energy or even the will to move or do anything else. After the first week of not eating, sleeping, and staying in the cold weather day and night it got to me. I became to week to move or even speak my little sister came to wake me she ran crying to my mom and dad saying “sissy sleeping her not waking up when I say wacky wacky eggs in baky and dat always works.” My mom and dad came running to see me and found me just in time. If it wasn’t for my little sister I would have been dead. It would have been my mom and dads fault for not telling me and keeping it a secret. My mom and dad called the doctor and he told them to bring me in to the hospital. We left the house and the last thing I saw was majesty chasing the car in her fence then I was out like a light. It felt like forever before we got to the hospital, although it really was only like 15 to 20 minutes. When we got there they put me on the stretcher and that is when I died. I was standing at the bottom of my hospital bed watching them work on me trying to get me to breath. My mom and dad were just crying a lot and my little sister didn’t know what was happening but started to cry because she seen our parents crying. They finally decided to put me on life support because they knew I was still alive they just couldn’t get a steady heart beat. I remember walking down this bright beautiful tunnel and when I got to the end there was this shadow figure that kind of looked like a man with long hair and I long dress or trench coat that was white just I couldn’t see his face. He said “do you know who I am” I replied “I’m not sure but you look like god, I worship you every Sunday and pray every night, but you don’t answer my prayers so my believes in you are very scarce.” “I am and I have answered your prayers, but you have not believed in me enough to hear me.” he said. “but I don’t understand I pray and worship and my heart is always open to you but I don’t hear you please explain please” was my reply. He said “do you know why you were put here on this earth” I said “no why was I put here” he said “you were put here to be a healer don’t you ever wonder why when the animals were sick when you touched them they got better or how your sisters fever went away when you kissed her forehead.” I said “well I didn’t really think much of it, but now that you mention it, it was kind of a miracle.” he said “It’s not your time to come back home yet your job on earth is not yet complete you must go back now and remember if you keep your heart open and your mind at ease you can hear me and I will teach you all you need to know.” I said “ ok but I feel bad what I said to my mom and dad how do I apologize.” he said “Izzabella you are there daughter they will always forgive you they love you more then any one could.” Next thing I knew I was waking up to my mom praying over my body and I said “I’m sorry please forgive me” she said “always I love you baby girl.” When I came through fully I told my mom and dad the conversation I had with god they didn’t know whether to believe me or call the doctor for more medicine. I told them that god said the reason I’m on this earth is to help people and become a healer. They didn’t believe me so I said id prove it if the doctor or patient said it was fine.So they brought a lady that had surgery because she broke her legs and her pelvis. I cleared my mind and my heart and laid my hand on her sholder and the other on her legs.My hands got really warm and so did her legs.After about 20 minutes i stoped and she got up and was able to walk it had been over a year since the last time she ever walked.She was so thankfull all she could do was cry everybody else dropped there jaw like 5 feet.

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