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Theodora learned a Lesson

December 11, 2010
By Angie_101 BRONZE, minneapolis mnn, Minnesota
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Angie_101 BRONZE, Minneapolis Mnn, Minnesota
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Author's note: What inspired me to write this story is my friend Manar(a.k.a Nari),and Nancy,my teacher Ms.Decook and Ms.Malone.

I have been staying inside the house for the couple few month,why? because of the boy who i thought "like" me "care" about me was kissing some other girl behind my back.Really i thought I'm his "babe".I trusted him,but really he is a big jerk who goes around and hurt girls heart and i swear he is so good at acting,his cuteness will get you so fast.I never thought he could hurt me like that,i never thought he could go and kiss other girls behind my back.Well enough of "i never thought"i have choose to move on and not date boys anymore,i mean i don't trust buys anymore they are all jerks.Today i thought i will go out and get some ice cream because if i don't get out of here my mom is going to get in my last nerve,well she already have "Theodora if you don't get down here me and you are going to have a long talk",ohmygosh,when she say"me and you are going to have long talk"i feel like hiding under my bed,she is always up with my life.This is how she sound how like:
Mom-so honey tell me how is your life.
Me-My life is fine mom
Mom-anything else.
Mom-so are you dating anyone?
she looked at me with those eyes as to say "your not telling me the truth"
Me-okay,yes I'm dating someone mom.
that was before i broke up with my "jerk"ex-boyfriend.
Mom-is he nice?
Me-mom what kind of question is that?
Mom-is he?
Me-if he wasn't nice than i wouldn't have go out with him,so yeah he is nice.
Really if i new how much of a jerk he was i would not have gone out with him.
Mom-do you love him/does he love you ?
Me-Mom yeah...i do love him"/"he does love me,now i want to go back to my room this talk is over.
Mom-do you use protection?
Mom-do you?
Me-we never thought of having S...whatever you're thinking,but we did thought we were too young to have...whatever you're thinking.
The "jerk"was forcing me to have sex with him but i never did want to.I mean I plan to not have sex until married.
Mom-well good,whenever your ready would you please use protection because i do not what another kid in this house.
Me-okay,now bye
Mom-and oh,whenever your ready come and talk to me,okay hon.
Me-Like i would,bye.

The End
This is why i do not want to have "long talk" with my mom,this is why i feel like hiding under my bed,and this is why I'm going out to have some ice cream.I wore my favorite shirt that say "Bite me",my favorite skinny jeans,and my DC shoes.

I wore my favorite shirt that say "Bite me",my favorite skinny jeans,and my favorite DC shoes.
"bye mom"
"where are you going honey"
"I'm going out to get some ice cream,do you want me to get you some?"
"No,but thinks hon,have fun"
"okay i will,bye"
I got in my car and drive to Dairy Queen.When i got there i older Vanilla ice cream,than i went to seat at the last table.I start to remember how my "jerk"ex-boyfriend use to take me here and he would buy Vanilla ice cream,than we would share it together...
"Can i seat here?"
"Ohmygosh,you scared the hell out of me"i told this dude standing in front of me,I don't even know him.
"sorry,i didn't mean to scared you,umm so can i seat here?"he said
he toke a seat a cross from me.
"so what were you thinking that i scared "the hell out of you""he asked and start laughing.
"Very funny,hahaha"i said but not laughing back.
It's okay,I was thinking about my ex-boyfriend who broke my hurt."
"oh,I'm so sorry"
"It's okay,I'm moving on now without him"
I'm talking to this dude like i have know him for years and years.
",what's your name?"i ask
He got cute name,and i swear this dude is so damn cute(fiiiine).
"cute name"
"Thanks,what's your name?"
"hey,you got cute name yourself"
OMqq he think my name is cute,i mean i think my name aight nothing.And oh did i tell you he got "THE CUTEST SMILE EVER".
"hey,i got to go now,but it was nice to meet you Stark."i said
"yeah,it was nice to meet you too,I'm just gonna finish here"
Ohmygosh,now that was something.When i was almost to my car,i start to look for my keys but i couldn't find them,then i remember i left the keys at the table where i was seating.
"hey Dora"
i look back to see who was calling me,'s him, and he just call me Dora..that is sooo damn cute.
"hey did you see my keys back there?"
"yeah,here you go"
he hand me the keys,that was so sweet of him.
"Thanks,cause you just save my life"
"I will always be here if you need me to save your life,of course if you give me your phone number i will have more chance to save your life,you can just holler me and tell me you need my super hero power,and i will be their to save you"
i just look at him and start laughing.
"i see your trying to play it cool..huh?i told him with a smile.
"can't blame a dude for trying"
"WOW,hold on"
Okay i know i shouldn't give Stark my cell number,but he is just cute,funny,nice guy,and so far he is not like my "Jerk"ex-boyfriend.I open the door of my car and got a paper and a pen,i put my cell number and a smiley face.
"hey you go"i give hem the paper
he looked at the paper and start to smile my cute smile.
"anytime,hey where are you going?I mean i could give you a ride if it's on the way to my house."
i fell like my face going to burn from his face that say "are you trying to ask me out"which i wasn't,well maybe or maybe not.
"i don't live far from from Como,so do you still want a ride or what?"
we both got in the my car,know body said any thing until we rich his house.
"When you said your boy friend broke your heart what did you mean?"he ask
"it's ex-boy friend, and i meant he just liked me for sex,there was nothing else he wanted from me.He was dating other girls behind my back,and the worse thing is that i trusted him so much,but he decide to go and break my heart."
"it's okay,come here"
i start to feel good around him.
"ohmygod, I'm crying again,i thought i moved on,this is kill me start,i can't take it anymore.
"it's gonna be okay Dora, now come down and stop crying".he calm me down and he kiss my forehead a couple of time.
"i hope so"
"i got to go"he said
we-thought looking it me or saying anything else he got of the car.
"it was nice to meet you"i said to myself."I don't understand him,1 minute he was all up hugging me,telling me everything is going to be okay,kissing my forehead,and the other minute he walked away we-thought saying good bye or we-thought looking at me.What?who am i kidding,he's one of those "Jerk" boys who go around and hurts girls heart.

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theodoraj said...
on Jan. 1 2011 at 2:37 pm
ur welcome...i will be waiting 4 the next chapter...<3

merryboo said...
on Jan. 1 2011 at 2:33 pm
i will be waiting...<3

on Jan. 1 2011 at 2:24 pm
Angie_101 BRONZE, Minneapolis Mnn, Minnesota
2 articles 2 photos 23 comments
thnx <3...sure i will write more...i think next chapter will be abt her best friend n y the boy was acting wrd...<3

on Jan. 1 2011 at 2:22 pm
Angie_101 BRONZE, Minneapolis Mnn, Minnesota
2 articles 2 photos 23 comments
thnx merryboo..yea i'm planing to write more...<3

merryboo said...
on Jan. 1 2011 at 2:08 pm
I love your story...pls write more:)

theodoraj said...
on Jan. 1 2011 at 2:06 pm
babyangie_101 i love ur story n i wnt 2 read more..plz write more...