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Wild Love

December 29, 2010
By Fire-bug, carroll, Kentucky
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Fire-bug, Carroll, Kentucky
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Author's note: belive it or not i got the idea in science class

I was running for my life through an ice-covered forest, my lungs burning my eyes watering. I could hear the pounding of his feet against the ground as he chased me.

My name is Cassidy Scott, I’m seventeen years old, and my parents are environmental scientist. They are study the behaviors of the local wolf packs. I was looking around, taking random pictures of the plants and animals when I saw a group of wolves’, the larges male got my attention he was solid black, I zoomed in to get a picture of him when he turned into a tall, strong, handsome man, who was 6’1 with muscles, He also had dark, shaggy short hair and exotic, predator eyes and red-tanned skin.

I dropped my camera and it smacked against a rock that got the man to look in my direction, he looked right me with his predatory gaze, his eyes was like a rainbow of colors- golden yellow, chocolate brown, baby blue and grassy green – what I saw in his eyes scared me but it also excited me, I turned and ran at the same moment he lunged at me, I was dodging through trees and over rocks, fallen branches and little creeks.

He yelled at me to stop but I just kept running, pretending I couldn’t hear him until I came to a cliff I turned but he wasn’t there.

Then I felt the impacted of some one tackling me to the ground from the left side, I struggled against him. I hit, kicked and I even bit his arm. When I was able to get to my feet why’ll he was still on the ground, I tried to run but he grabbed my ankle. He turned me over and pitted me to the cold ground, we were both breathing heavy.

“I told you to stop, aya-sinopa” he told me in perfect English I just stared at him with my heart in my throat “why did you run aya-sinopa? I won’t hurt you, neither will my people.”

He pulled me to my feet still holding my wrist in his hand. We watched each other as we slowly rose then their was a sharp pain in the back of my head I saw the mix of emotion on his face as I fell forward. Then every thing when dark as I passed out.

“What the hell was you thinking Sihu” I yelled at my little sister “why did you hit her in the back of the head with a stone you could have killed her”
I looked at the girl she was pretty she was about 5’6 , long red hair and soft figures she had green eyes when he saw them a few minute ago, she has pale skin and is very skinny. She is very pretty but young.
“I’m sorry Achak” she said as she looked at the ground “but if I had killed her it would have taken care of our little problem”
“Killing some one is not solving anything it only makes more problems!” I was yelling even louder by the minute. “Well come on” I said a little calmer “we need to get back to the tribe they’ll start to worry soon”
“What will we do with her, Achak” Sihu asked me when she saw my expression she almost screamed “you can take her with us she not packs”
“Well we can’t let her go and we can’t kill her so what are we suppose to do with her” I shot back at her.
I pick the unconscious girl off the ground. She was light he had carried bags heavier then her.
“Let’s go Sihu” I called to her when she didn’t move from the tree she was leaning on.
“Father will be mad when he sees her” she said with no emotion at all. “Not only will you be bringing her back with us to the village, but you’ll bring her back damaged!”
“And whose fail is that Sihu you’re the one who hit her with a rock”
“I said I was sorry, Achak” she said in a small emotionless voice
“I’m not the one you need to apologize too” I told her in a cruel voice “she is the one you need to ask forgiveness from little sister” and we started back to the village.

I came back to consciousness slowly and the pain came with it. It started in the back of my head, I tried to move my hand to rub it and a kind female voice spoke
“So your finally awake, aya-sinopa?” when I didn’t do anything for a minute or too she spoke again “can you open you eyes little fox?”
I opened my eyes to see an old Indian woman, her skin was red-tanned and wrinkled, her eyes was deep blue and she had long grey hair that was braded, she had strong figures for a woman.
“Who are you? Where am I? Why am I here?” I asked in a tried voice, looking at her with shock
“you are in the lunar moon tribes village I’m the wise woman of this village and as you can tell by what you saw earlier we are not fully human and I know you may be scared but I want you to listen to me, aya-sinopa”
I looked at her with horror “what are you people? What do you want from me?”
“We are….” But before she could finish the man from earlier came in and said it for her “we are werewolves and now that you know you will never leave this village you are now one of us” I looked around the room but it was spinning and I loss consciousness. Again.

“So you have seen my son in animal form” the elderly man asked me and when I looked toward the man who brought me here he just nodded for me to answer his father. “Well, have you” he was yelling at me now.
“Yes, I saw him as a large, black male wolf, then he was a human man” I said with my eyes on the ground.
“Because, of what you’ve seen, you can’t leave” as he said the words, I felted my eyes tearing up, but my long bangs covered my face, and I tried to hold back the tears. “And my son, Achak will be your keeper why you’re here” his son and the one who brought me here moved up behind me.
“Stop crying you’re a big baby” said a young female voice to fast and bumped into Achak his chest was warm and he wasn’t warring a shirt, he grabbed my left arm to keep me from falling as he mumbled “be careful” I looked behind him to see a Indian girl around my age or a little older, she and Achak looked a lot alike, the same dark hair and strange eyes of a predator but she was shorter - but she still taller me – and her figures were softer then Achak, but in her eyes I can see hatred why’ll in everyone else’s I see kindness and happiness.
“Well can you talk or are you mute” she said me in a cruel, cold voice. “ I don’t see why my brother is making a big deal over you, I mean your not even cute, let alone beautiful” I blushed deeply, but before I could say any thing Achak snapped at his sister “sihu, you will show respect to are guest” in my head I though prisoner “and you still need to ask her forgiveness for earlier events” his words was sharper then needles.
“Why, she is putting all of us in danger with her knowledge of us” she was snarling at me “I wish that I’d hit her harder then it would have taken care of the problem, but I have a feeling a may get another chance sooner or later” my eyes wide at her words, she had tried to kill me and wasn’t sorry about it also that she couldn’t wait to get another try at it.
Achak shifted his body so he was hugging me now and I hide my face in his shoulder, then I heard a loud SMACK. I turned to look and the wise woman’s daughter and achak’s mother had slab sihu across the face hard enough to leave a handprint on her left cheek, she was looking at her mother with shocked filled eyes she lifted her left hand up to lay it on her sore cheek. “Mother why’d”
“How dare you speak in that manner, aya-sinopa has not done anything that would give you the right to say those things to her and I never want to hear you speck to her in that way again” her voice was cruel and sharp like her son’s had been a movement before.
“But she is not pack and she puts us in danger how” this time it was the chief and her father who interrupted her “your mother is right and agree with her on all accounts so not another from you mouth, daughter”
“Aya-sinopa will you come with me please” asked Achak’s mother
I nodded slowly, she take my hand and lead me out of the room we was in, we walked down the hall and down some steps, though a door then we were out side it was beautiful here there was trees around along with a house they had cabins for every one to live in, it was peaceful here. Every turn to look at, this place looks like it was untouched by time, everyone looked as if they stepped out of a history book, it’s amazing and wonderful. Achak’s mother is beautiful; she is a older version of her daughter like the chief is a older version of Achak.
“Were are we going and what should I call you,” I asked her and she turned to me before she answered
“You may call me, Adsila” was her answer “But in your language it is Bloom, my son’s is spirit and my daughters is flower, my husband’s name means chief and the wise woman you meet before is anna-angeni or mother spirit”
“Thank you” she smiled brightly at and said
“And for you first question we are going to get you a dress for tomorrow morning you will be marring my son, come sitsi – daughter” my only reply was my jaw dropping with a loud “pop”

“Father you can’t just tell the whole tribe that I will marry her, you didn’t even ask me if I wished to marry her” I tried to tell my father calmly but my voice was slipping
“It was you mother’s and my decision, not your and I watched you with that girl earlier when she was first brought back and a few moments ago with your sister.”
My fathers tone was different softer “I can tell you care for this girl and it can’t be changed now you mother has already taken the girl to get a dress made for tomorrow”
My gaze turn back to my father sharply “did you just say for tomorrow” when my father nodded I went on “your making us marry tomorrow, we’ve know each other less then five hours and you want us to marry so soon”
“Yes and now their will be not another word on the matter, you best start to prepare you home soon you’ll have a guest” silently I thought to myself that aya-sinopa is going hate me, if she didn’t already. I turned and left my father sitting their with his you-know-I’m-right-and-will-get-my-way grin.

“Don’t worry, my son will be a good husband” I tried to reassure the girl “aya-sinopa, you have no reason to worry I promise” she looked at.
“Why does every one call me that” she asked calmly
“We call you little fox because of you hair and spirit” I answer her with a smile.
“All will be fine, my dear daughter” I reassured her again “and that dress looks beautiful” the dress she had on was long and white, it hugged her body. it also left her shoulders bare and the sleeves were long and see thought. Her long waving red hair was tied back, she was going to be the prefect bride, I was happy that my son’s life mate was a kind and beautiful spirit and that fate had finally brought them together at last.
“I hope Achak things so” she said in a low voice filled with emotion “he will my dear, you are his light in the darkness” she smiled brightly at me.

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