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Loves A Bitch

January 1, 2011
By MattyPinapple, torquay, Other
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Author's note: I wrote this story out of bordom. But I fell in love with it. There are'nt many storys out there including Gay love. So I hope I will the frist or even one of the good one's around. I hope people will learn from this that love is a bitch, and it does'nt allways bring you happiness. I hope people will learn no matter what gender or Sexual orientation you are people can and will be happy. But there is allways up's and down's to it. Like they sayy "What goes up... Must come down"

The author's comments:
Enjoy ^^

I sigh in relife as the end of the day bell rings.
I collect my books and head out of the class room.
"Yo! Matty!" Jake calls from behind me. He runs to me dodging the crowd.
"Jake. What up?" I ask when he catches up to me.
"You walking?" He ask, Smriking like allways.
I nod.
"Good. You seen Elliot?" He drops his smrik and replaces it with a grin.
"Nope. Most prob out the back" I point with my thumb over my sholder.
He snickers.
"Wanna go get him?" He takes a step.
"Sure" I sigh and walk with him.
We walk out side, The feild was empty. 'Funny.. The feild is usaly full.' I thought to my self.
We go to the gym and in.
'Argh... Gym smells gross' It smelt like sweat and gone of cheese. Luckly me, I do'nt have to do gym.
"Come on please.!" A pleaded voice came from around the corner. So we walk towards it.
"Okay.... But your gunna have to make it up too me" A different voice answers the plead.
After that it was quiet, Untill we heard something that sounded like.... MOANS??
We turn the corner, What do we find?. Why Elliot making out HARDCORE with a Dude.
Our moths drop so do my books in my arms and makes a thud on the marble floor.
Elliot stops and pulls away to look at us wide eyed.
The guy he was making out with, Looked to us and is smriking like a Horny idiot.
I can hear Jake struggling not to laugh, But he brust out laughing anyways.
I join him away a moment or two. Elliot stands, Hands on hips glaring at us.
After a good few minutes of laughing, We stop.
Out sides and faces hurt, Our eyes sting from the tears.
"You finished?" Elliot asks. Hands still placed on his hips.
"S....Sorry.... Its just...." Jake says though laughs.
"Elliot... Who is that?... Plus why?" I wipe my tears away.
"This is Lance.... and so what?... I never complained when Jake would makeout ALL the time with Jasper... Now did I?"
"Ture ture" I nod.
"Hey?!... There was nothing wrong with Jasper!" He took his time.
Elliot and I giggle at his response.
"Elliot. I gotta go." Lance pecks him on the check and goes to walk away. Elliot grabs his arm and tip toes to his ear and whispers
something. Lance's eyes widen then back to normal as he smriks, Elliot smriks too and says his goodbyes.
We stand silent until Jake breaks it.
"Andi's anyone?" He ask, Grinning.
Elliot and I roll our eyes and sigh.
"What is it with you and-... Ohh...." Elliot trails off.
"What?" Jake ask confussed.
"You have a thing for the waiter there.... Dont you?" Elliot smriks.
"N-No...." He lies. 'Heh.... So he likes him... This should be fun' I think to myself as I listen to them argue.
I sigh and pick my books up from the floor.
"So... We going Andi's or what?" I ask getting a headack from them argueing.
They stop and nod. We all walk out the gym and the school.

The author's comments:
Enjoy ^^

They walk into the Diner and I follow.
We order our drinks and look for a empty booth, We do and we sit down.
Jake and Elliot sit on one side and I on the other.
Elliot and Jake talk amongst them selfs, While I stare out the window.
"Hi. Im Ryan. Your waiter for today" A tall brown haired guy walks over with a waiter unifrom on. His long brown hair is tied up in a low pony tail.
He hands us Menus, and notepad in hand ready to take our orders.
I look over at Jake, Who is lit
erally drolling over him. Elliot nudges him abit to hard and Jake falls of his seat. He hits the floor with a THUD.
We all look down at him. Elliot trys not to laugh.
I was about to say something but Ryan beats me to it.
"You okay?" He puts a hand out to him.
Jake slightly blushes as he takes Ryans hand.
Ryan and Jake start chatting. Elliot is now on the phone to Lance.
I could just go and they wont know if I did or not. And that is what I do. I pick up my bag and head out of the Diner.
I sigh as I walk along the empty streets.
Those guys are so annoying when they are like that, Well this is me just being jealous. God! I miss Alex. I sigh deeply at the though of Alex and I when we was
like that.
Its starts to rain down heavy. 'Just my luck...' I sigh for the the umpteenth time today.
I put my hood up, wrap my arms around myself and continue to walk but faster.
I must of been walking for ages. I found my self at the train station on the other side of town.
The rain pounds down faster and harder, I rush in side the empty paltform.
I sat in there waiting for the rain to die down. I sigh in relfe of beening in a warm dry place.
Weridly the station is empty and pertty much a ghost town.
A train rushes passed like they do. It stops on the end of the platform. Many people in suits and uniforms pile out of the sliding doors.
The platform emptys as fast as it was filled.
I glance around and spots a person right at the end sitting on a bench. The guy looks around my age or even a year older then I. He has a suit case, big gym bag
and a Guitar case. He has his hood up and is motionless.
I look him over before looking back at the empty tracks.
Before I knew I had falling asleep there and then on a bench at the train station?! 'Gawd Im a tramp' I chuckle at that thought.
I look back over where the guy was, He still sits there but his hood is down. He has black messy hair, I got a look at his eyes, He has light blue eyes so I could see.
He turns and looks my way, I quickly look away. I notice his has moved and now walking my way.
I look out at tracks again trying too act like he was'nt there.
He reaches me and stands at my side. "Matty...?" He looks down at me. His voice sounds like i've heard it before.
'Huh? How does he know my name?'
I look at him. I gasp and my eyes widen at the sight of.........

The author's comments:
Enjoy ^^

The sight of the person whos been on my mind, The person who I missed with all my heart, The person I thought I could'nt live without. The last person I would'nt
of seen here of all places.
Alex. Alexander Johnson.
I stare at him amazed he's here but hurt that he is. I open my mouth to say something then close it. He looks down at me, His eyes glue to mine as he sits down.
"A-Alex..." I stutter. I can feel my eyes start to sting and fill with tears. I want to cry in his sholder, I want to hug him, to kiss him. But me being me I get up
fast and run away. My pride leads me away but my heart and my head tells me to go back. I run but before I can even reach the end of the platform
Alex has caught up and is grabbing me by my arm and pulling me back. "Matty...." He pulls me into a tight hug. He puts a hand to my head
and runs it though my damp blonde spikes. I try to pull away but he just holds me there. I can't help but put my arms around him, I feel like I'm home again, It
feels safe, warm and loving. I barried my face into his chest and cry out softly. He holds me tighter and he rests his chin on the top my head.
After I cryed my heart out he slowly lets me go. He look down at me searching for my eyes. I final meet his gaze.
He wipes the remaining tears from my cheeks. My face turns a light shade of pink. He smriks.
"I've missed you so much" He says.
I leave his gaze and looks at my feet. Why is he back? Why now he disides to come back?. Its been nearly a year since he left.
"Why you here?" I final ask. My eyes glued at my feet. But I can tell he is frowing. I can tell that he is hurt as much as Iam.
"I came back. I came back for you" The tone in his voice tells me he's not lying.
'He came back for me?' I wounderd.
"Why. Why did you go in the frist place?" I ask.
Silcent falls between us. I shake my head and turn to walk away when he does'nt answer.
Before I could take a couple of steps Alex grabbed my hand again.
"Alex... Don't.... I've suffed so much this past year." I simply say and look down.
I can hear him gasp slightly. The grip around my rist slowly give way. Once it does I walk away. When I'm out of sight I run. I run like hell untill I'm out of
breath. I lean against a nearby wall. I fall till Im sitting. I pull my knees to my chest and hugs them, I barried my head in them and cry again.
"Hey. Kid you okay?" I strange voice speaks out. I look up to see a tall dark figure standing in front of me. I look at him confussed.
"I said. You okay?" He still looks down at me. I wipe the tears away and slowly stand.
"I-I'm fine...." I answer shyly. I can see him fully now. He has a big suit jacket on, With a suit under that. He looks atleast 20/21. His light brown hair is wet.
His deep dark eyes look at me confussed and abit consurened. "You dont look fine." He shakes his head and sighs. "Why you sitting here in the pouring rain
crying? I thought big boys don't cry?" He smriks at 'Big Boys'.
"Like I said..... I'm...." Before I could even think of finishing that sentence, I black out. I can feel my body fall and someone else catch me.

I wake up in a dark room. I know its not my own, It smells different like coffee and smoke. I open my eyes, Blink a couple of times and all I see is a dull blank
white seling. I look around the strange room. It looks normal, Double bed, Weardorbe, Dressers on each side of the bed all white. A mirrior on the wall by the
door, Suit tie hung on hook of the door. I get out of the bed I layed in. I look down at my self to find I'm not wearing my sweat shrit and jeans which I swear I was
wearing instead it's replaced by grey shorts and a plain white T-Shrit. I walk slowly towards the door. Light peeks though, And a sound that sounds like chatting.
I open the door trying not to make a sound. The bright light from the hall way blings me slightly, But I continue walking. This place is so strange, The hall way is
plain white walls, A few Graduation pictures, Academic degree's from Yale. 'Wow... This dude's smart.'
I get to the end of the coridoor and I peek my head around the cornor. The living room is surprisingly messy compaired to the the bed room and hall.
The coffee table is covered in News Papers, Ash trays filled with Cigarette buds and ash, Coffee stains, T.v and Electronic remotes.
"Hey. Your awake. How you feel?" I jump a meter in the air. He is standing behind me, A little too close for my liking. I turn to him and take a step back.
"H-Hi.... Umm.... I-I'm fine." I hate it when I go all shy. I can feel my checks burn, I'm BLUSHING?!.
He smriks at me and steps closer to me. I step back but he still closes in on me. I walk backward untill I hit the sofa, My legs buckle and I fall back into the
sofa pillows. I swear this guy is gunna rape me or something. I close my eyes tight as he closes in. 'Why am I allways a target to pervets?'
I feel a hand on my forehead. I open my eyes surprised to see that the guy is checking my Temperature. He looks strun and abit consured.
I blush a darker red.
"Your running a fever." He moves away and walks to the kitchen. I stand up and look to him.
His head is digged in a draw. 'Whats he looking for?'
He takes something out of the draw and faces me. He has a small hand towel. He runs it under a cold tap and once he's done he rings it and walks over to me again
He pushes me down on the sofa. "Huh?" I fly back and nearly hit my head on the back rest. He slaps the towel on my forehead.
"Ahhh... Thats cold!" I shiver slightly.
"Give it a minute" He walks away back into the kitchen.
He's right. The coldness of the towel feels quiet nice on my head. I close my eyes and sink into the sofa and enjoys the feeling.
He walks back with something in his hands, It smells like Soup.
"Here." He hands me the bowl. I open my eyes and take it. It smells nice.
"T-Thanks." I take a sip. Its allright actually. I finish the whole bowl within two minutes.
We sit in silence. "Umm...." I look over at him. He looks up from the news paper he was reading. I quickly look away.
"W-Who are you?" I ask looking down at the empty bowl in my lap. I hate beening shy!.
"Oh right. I've introdutice myself have I?" He puts the news paper on the table and looks at me smiling. Theres something about he's smile that is some what
comforting. I nod and look at him from the corner of my eye.
"I'm Charlie Mcallda" His smile brightens. I turn to face him. He seems nice.
"I'm Matthew Black. But people call me Matty" I smile too. He is quiet good looking. What am I saying? He's HOT!
His sholder length hair is chocoalte brown, and his eyes are to die for. So beautiful. I can't help but stare into them everytime I look at him.
"Is there something on my face?" He snaps me out of thought's. I have'nt relized I've been staring at him. I quickly look away.
"H-How did I get here?" I stutter shyly. 'Why am I being so shy?!'
"Oh... I brought you here. You blacked out and I thought it was abit mean just to leave you there." He smiles.
"Oh... Well... Thank's" I look at him again.
We talk for awhile untill its late.
"You can have the bed if you want" He stands up and starts clearing the sofa.
"Thanks. Well.... Goodnight" I smile and walk towards the room.
He smiles back. I get to the room, I shut the door and climb into the bed. I lay there just staring at the silling. Charlie is a real cool guy. Plus he's hot!
I smile to my self. Shortly after that I fall asleep.

The author's comments:
Enjoy ^^

Its been a couple of days since I met Charlie and when Alex came back. Oh yeah! Alex. He's staying in town guess where?.. My house. Blame my Mom.
She's allways had a soft spot for him. I've tried my hardest to avode him, But its kinda hard to avode someone your sharing a room with! After this I'm gunna
have words with my Mother.
Alex has been trying to talk to me, I really want to talk to him but I keep ignoring him. But we've had arrguements over the most stupid things like,
Him using my hair gel, Me using his comb. Stupid annoying things like that.
I sigh deeply as I walk into my room. Alex is sitting in
the arm chair messing around with some chords on his Guitar. I walk pass him to my bed. I jump back onto it. Its been a long hard day at School, Dealing
with Jake and Elliot and there Boy friends. I'm allways in the middle of things, Trying to make things right when they don't work anyways.
"Hard day?" Alex ask not loking up from his fingers on the Guitar strings. I roll over and sit up.
"What you think?" I say before I go into my bathroom.
"I think you should tell me" I can hear him pluck the strings before sitting the Guitar down.
"I think not...." I sigh again. Alex is getting in my head again. I turn to tap for the water. I cup my hands under it and splash the cold water onto my face.
I think I'm coming down with a Cold again. I grab a towel and dab my face with it.
"You okay?" I jump at the sound of Alex's vioce behind me.
"Stop sneeking up on me!" I turn around and give him a evil glare. But he just shruggs it off. He steps towards me, My expression changes from
Angry to Confussed. He steps closer and closer to me but Why are'nt I moving? My body will not move. He is now inches away. He's eyes are glued on mine.
I want to move but I really can't. His face is right in mine. Is he gunna kiss me?!. He looks me in the eyes, He looks happy and bit sad. I dunno this guy is
really hard to read. He is literally inches away from me now. I close my eyes and brace myself for the kiss I've longed for.
"Hey! Matty!! Ooooo.... You guy's gunna kiss?!!" I turn and who do I see. Elliot jumping up and down screaming like a fangirl.
I hear Alex sigh. He moves away from me and walks passed Elliot. I just glare at him, He catches my gaze and stop jumping up and down.
"E-L-L-I-O-T!!!!" I shout which makes him shiver. I'm really angry at him. I've wanted that kiss ever seince Alex came back.
I sigh and walk into my room. Alex is sitting in the arm chair agian, But he looks deep in thought.
Elliot bounces in after me. Today he is acting werid. He's grinning like a idiot, Bouncing up and down, Giggling. Oh I know what it is.
"You know it's my birthday this weekend right?" He stop's jumping and looks at us. See I knew it. Elliot's 18th Birthday. He allways has the best partys like his
sweet 16th. He had a MASSIVE party at a really posh hotel. It was so funny, Jake, Elliot and I got completly hammerd. We woke up in a BOAT. The best
party ever honstely. I bet this year it will be the biggest yet. I smrik knowing whats coming.
"Anyways... I'm a having a party.... Guess where?!" We both shrugg.
"Hawii!!" Both of our jaws drop to the floor. HAWII!!?. Like I said this year it's gunna have to be big.
"H-Hawii?" Alex is completly shocked. I smirk and chuckle.
"Heh.... Your partys get bigger and bigger each year." I wrap a arm around Elliot's neck and grin like he is.
We both laugh while Alex looks completly shocked still.
"So... You guys have a week to pack" Elliot smiles, Before leaving the room.
Great... We're alone. Fun.
I sigh and sit on my bed. Silent's comes betweens us. Alex looks down at his feet, I look at him.
Was he actually goning to kiss me? Does he want to get back together? What does he want?
"A-Alex..." I stutter. He looks up at me, I quickly look away.
"Was you... going to.... Kiss me?" I say looking away. Alex does'nt answer but I heard him stand but I dunno where he is walking too. I look up and once I do Alex's lips
crush onto mine. I'm shocked, Surprised and happy. Final I got the kiss I've longed for.

The author's comments:
Enjoy ^^ Its short sorry

My arm's lift and wrap around his neck. 'Crap!... Great.... Now we're making out?!'
He pulls away for breath. He's staring me in eye's. He never used to do this, He used too bite at my neck and ear, Slide his hands to somewhere private. But he's just
staring at me. "A-Alex?..."
"Sorry... I just...." He closes in again, His lips met mine. His lips are moisted, He must of lick them before. I've missed this, Missed his lips on mine, His body, His
hair but mostly his scent. His sweet husky scent. 'Alex.....'

---(Alex's Point.Of.View)---

OMG! I've missed this. Missed kissing him, Missed his shyness, Missed his.... Oh you know what I mean. I've kraved him for so long now. A year. A year I've been away
It's the longest we've been away from each other, But it was my fault, I'm the one who left. I had too go, I just had too for Matty's sake. I've been waiting for this day
for awhile now. Today I'm back with Matty, Today.... Matty will be mine!.
I glide my hand up his leg, Matty's hand goes up under my shrit. 'So... I'm not the only one who want's this.' I smrik into the hot kiss between us. I lay him back on the bed
gently and break up the kiss. Matty looks up at me disappointed with half lit eyes. 'Awww... He's so cute when he pounts'. I lean down to his ear. "Matty.... I've been waiting
for this for awhile.... So have you... Have'nt you?" I tease him by licking along his earlobe. My hand slides higher up his leg to his tigh then higher. Matty slightly shrivers under me.
I reach his pants. I gently pull down the zipper and dig my hand into his pants and softly strok him. Matty shivers more and moans. My other hand lifts up his shrit to show
his stomech. I lean down and gently lick around his belly button. Matty's moans grow louder and his legs slightly tremble as I continue to gently strok him.
"A-Alex....." Matty gasps. 'Heh....'
I nip and suck at his stomech and slowly make my way up his body.
"Yo! Matty!!... Your- WOAH!!" A high pitched scream comes from the door. Elliot. 'I thought he left' I sigh annoyed. I look down at Matty who's looking rather pissed off

---(Back to Matty's Point.Of.View)---

I love it when Alex whispers sweet nothings in my ear... But this was'nt what I was expecting.
"Matty... I've been waiting for this for awhile.... So have you... Have'nt you?" He licks my earlobe. I want to answer him but what do I say? Do I say Oh Yes! Take Me
Now! Little bit sad. I can feel his hand glide higher and higher up my leg my tigh and nearly to my....
"Yo! Matty!!.... Your- WOAH!!" Hig pitch sounds comes from the door. Elliot. 'I thought he left'
I can hear Alex rather annoyed.
I glare at my bestfriend standing at the doorway with a pertty wide smrik on his face. 'Whats he up too?'
Alex sits up and looks over at Elliot. "We're in the middle of something here"
"I can see that.... But I need to tell Matty something." Elliot leans forward, arms folded and looking at me.
"What do you need to tell me?" I slide away from Alex and stand in front of Elliot.
"Oh. Your Mum said she's gone to work and wont be back till late." Elliot smiles at me.
I nod and walk back to Alex. Elliot stands and just looks at us.
Alex sits on the bed smiling up at me. I look down at him. I sigh and shake my head at him, His smiles soon disappears.
I walk to Elliot and push him out the room and down staris and out the house.
"Matty? What you?" He turns around after tripping over the prouch step.
"We're going to Jake's" I say as I march away. Alex you jerk!

The author's comments:
Enjoy ^^

I march the streets going to Jake's, with Elliot straggling behind me. The city center is busy, Full of people in dull coloured suits. Many with briefcase's, Back packs and Handbags. "Mat- Sorry sorry.... Excuse me!....Move!.... Matty slow the hell down!" Elliot pushes passed people. I stop dead in my tracks and he runs into me and hits my back. He falls backward. "Matty?! What the f?!" Elliot glares up at me. I just look down at him with a blank look. --((Elliot's P.O.V))-- I walk up to Matty's room. His mum told me to tell him something. I push open his door not looking up from my -half- texted text to Lance. "Yo! Matty!!.... Your- WOAH!!" I half scream. 'Did I really scream?' I smrik at them 'Horny little buggers' Matty glares at me. Alex sits up and looks over at me. "We're in the middle of something here" "I can see that.... But I need to tell Matty something." I lean forward, I fold my arms. "What do you need to tell me?" Matty slide away from Alex and stand in front of Me blushing a light pink. 'Heh.....' "Oh. Your Mum said she's gone to work and wont be back till late." I smile at him. He nod and walk back to Alex. My eyes dart back down to my phone as Lance textes me back. I was about to text back when Matty pushes me out the room, Down the staries and out of the house. I trip and fall slightly. Matty marches past me and along the street. What the hell just happened? What's up with Matty?. Matty is now half way down the street. I quickly get my feet in gear and run after him. The city center is busy full of busy rushing people. I push passed people to try and catch up with Matty who is charging ahead. "Mat- Sorry sorry.... Excuse me!... Move!... Matty slow the hell down!" I push pass people. Matty stops with out me noticing. I run into him and falls backward. "Matty?! What the f?!" I glare at him panting for breath. He just stands there looking at me blankly. What the frick has got into him. "What the hell is up with you?!" I stand towards him. Ever since Alex has been back Matty has been acting different. Acting pertty much like a ass. He has been ignoring us. Me, Jake, Lance and Ryan. Even his mum. "Whats wrong with you?" I ask looking at him with worry. He just stands there looking away at his feet. "Matty... Answer me" I say getting annoyed. He still does'nt answer me. "Matthew! Answer me!" I clench my fists at my side. He turns too look at me. His shocked expression. I've not shouted at him like this in ages. I even used his forename. "What do you want to hear?" Matty's expression soon disappears. "I want to know why your acting like such a.... Ass!" I shake my head. "A ass? Heh...." He looks up at me. "You dont know what the hell a ass is!...." He shouts. People around us stop and stare. I shift my eyes around to look at the people. I just shake them off and look back at my so called friend. "So tell me.... What is the right word to call you then?!" I clench my fist tight. I've never been this angry at Matty before. 'Arrgghh... That Alex. Has made everything f-ed up!' Matty does'nt respond, he just stands there looking down at his feet. 'He cant even look at me...' I groan and grab his arm and drag him though the crowd's to a alley. I throw Matty up agianst the wall, He hits the wall. I dont care. I got to get to the bottom of this. He looks at me well rather a glare then a look. "What do you want from me Elliot?!" He clenches his fist's. "I want to know why you've been acting so different!...." He shakes his head. "Different? I have'nt been acting different..." He answers slowly. I know when he lies. He allways answer's slowly and his left eye twitches. "I know your lying!.... Its Alex is'nt it?!" He looks shocked he looks down at his feet, I cant see his face, His damn hair is hiding it. He does'nt answer. It is Alex then. "It is, is'nt it?!...... Is is'nt it!!.." My anger raises. 'Gawd.. I've never been this angry with Matty before.... What's gotten into me....' I slowly realise and carm down, But I keep up the angry look so I can get a answer from him. "Matty.... Answer me.." He still does'nt. I walk to him and lifts his head up by his chin. He looks me dead in the eye, I stare back. "Matty.... Please... What has he done to you?" I say carmly. I beg him with my eyes. His eyes look hurt, look painful. Alex. Iam going to kill him. He's done something to Matty, And I wont allow that!. I may come off acting like a goof, a clown, a uke but I'm more then that. I can be mean when I want to be, I get in more fights then Alex does. And thats saying something. Alex is hard-nut jock. He's a stuck up jerk. He's allways been control-ive over Matty, Over protective some might say, But honset to gwad, Alex has Matty tied around his little finger. We've tried telling Matty what he is like but he wont have non of it. He's broke Matty's heart so many times in the past. I cant stand jerks like that. I really cant. He broke Matty's heart along with others. Since Alex came back Matty has been different, Not like the lovly doby Matty when he's around Alex. The depressed and distant Matty. "What did Alex do?.... What has he done. Please Matty... Tell me... Let me help you..." I put a hand on his sholder to ensure him. He looks down at my hand and back up. He opens his mouth to say something but sighs and shakes his head. "Nothing.. He's done nothing...." He brushes my hand away and walks out the alley and out of my sight. Later on as I got home. Alex was seating on my front prouch. I groan annyoed as I walk past ignoring him to my front door. "Hey Elli~" He purrs into my ear. He snakes his hands around my stomach. I drop my key and gasp. "Alex.... Get off me!..." I try and struggle out of his grip. I'm not in the mood for this. He breaths onto my neck. 'Argghh... This slime ball' "Heh.... Come on.... That's not what you said last time... Now was it... Elli.." His hot whisper send chill's down my spine. I promissed myself this well never happen again!. I final free myself from his grip and turn to face him. I glare at him. He just smriks. "What do you want Alex?" I ask as I pick my key up. As I bend down to pick it up. Alex slaps his hand on my right cheek and grips tightly. I yelp. "Mhmm... You've allway had a nice.... Butt" He hums along my neck and nips at my earlobe. My eyes widen. I shake him off and stand up stright. "Get away from my house!" I demand. I pant heavy and angrly. He pouts his lips. "Aww.... But that means leaving you and your cute butt." He winks. I shiver. 'Arrgghh..' He is such a creep. He's been trying to hit it on with all of us. Sick Freak!. I shake my head and turn to open my door. "Alex... Iam gunna ask you one more time.... " I turn around to face him. "To leave my hou-" His lips crush against mine. I moan out, well more like a mini scream. He pushes me inside my house and slams the door behind. "A-Alex! Ah....." .....

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"A guy walks up to me and asks 'What's Punk?'. So I kick over a garbage can and say 'That's punk!'. So he kicks over a garbage can and says 'That's Punk'?, and I say 'No that's trendy'!"- Billie Joe Armstrong, Green Day

It's a little unnerving that the main character is a literal author insert, but other than that it's a nice piece.

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