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DNA Infection

March 21, 2014
By Mellie9610 BRONZE, Commack, New York
Mellie9610 BRONZE, Commack, New York
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The public was going crazy because doctors were making a scientific breakthrough. They were testing on pigs and rats, changing their DNA to see if there solution actually worked. The media said they were making huge progress and in a matter of a few weeks they would let the public know if it was ready for the human race. After two weeks the east coast was in panic mode the news was telling everyone that the doctors attempts at helping boost human immune systems failed when testing on a select few volunteers who were now running rampage and spreading the disease that had taken over their bodies, along with the doctors and others that had crossed their paths. The disease was in major cities in New York, Virgina, Vermount and Florida there was also some on the west coast in Cali and Washington. There was now an increase in car crash and planes were not available in fear that someone could be infected when in the air. The only way you could move around was by car. Their were shelters in almost every other town all over the United States. Other countries such as Britain, Germany, India and Brazil were facing the same problems. There was now a fast pace disease spreading world wide.

Kate, Rob and Jill living in an apartment together get wind of this news and quickly pack all the belongings they think will be necessary and head out to Long Island. Danny, Kate's brother is out on the island once they reach him, he tells them NYC is on lock down in fear that people there could be infected. It just so happens that their parents work in NYC and they have no connections with them now and all they can do is move on. It is than that they realize; there is no turning back. They drive away with what may be there last memory of their house before entering this world of pure darkness.

It is when they decided to go to an abandoned farm house instead of a safe house that they meet another group of college students around the same age. They are at a stand still, should they leave and find somewhere else or banned together and form one huge group to fight and survive together with? Is everything better in numbers? There will be romance, new friendship, lose, twists and turns. Will everyone survive or will some fall into the pack of those who are undead?

Melissa M.

DNA Infection

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