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The Legend of Arenders

August 26, 2023
By LZY, Shanghai, Other
LZY, Shanghai, Other
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This is a story on a continent dominated by long-living elves. In a peaceful and beautiful old city Phoenixford of country Leorilien, a group of special messengers of the Mayor, the Arenders, have returned with the newly discovered astonishing signs that could signal the return of a defeated menacing lord who has used plots and schemes to successfully taken over the only human realm, North Kingdom, decades ago. News were blocked, humans have long fled away from the continent, but now there seems to be a change.

Trusting instinct and following the responsible tradition, the Arenders come up with a plan to start a mission into the deep continent, to find out the truth and the news from the other kingdoms far away, so as to prepare the homeland with defense. But before that, they first have to figure out the mysterious reason behind the conquer of North Kingdom and the disappearance of the majority of human race. The only way to know that is to listen to the secret family story of a young human dwelling in Phoenixford, the only young descendent of North Kingdom royal lineage...

Yet things are far more complicated than the Arenders have assumed, and an open war to fight against evil turns out inevitable, as troubles keep growing...

Jamie L.

The Legend of Arenders

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LZY said...
on Nov. 6 at 8:21 am
LZY, Shanghai, Other
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This is the first chapter of the book. Later chapters will be posted.