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Revenge of Number One

January 12, 2011
By Christian Moon BRONZE, Sweet Home, Oregon
Christian Moon BRONZE, Sweet Home, Oregon
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It was mid-night when the three met. One a mutant, the second a giant and the third a shape-shifter... These are the bad guys after Hank, John, Michael and Jeff. The mutant is know only as Number One. The giant actually changes size at will, his name is Mort, he's an alien from another dimension, sent to Earth because his people thought of this planet as a waste or garbage planet. The third, and final, the shape-shifter was the victim of a toxic experiment, done by the same scientist that transformed Number One into a cyborg.
Hank, the main character, takes on all of these plus some extra cyborgs and soldiers. John, Jeff and Micheal help him defeat Number One and his army a second time. But this time, Number One is mutated beyond recognition. Hank dipped him in what he thought was acid, but it was nuclear waste.

Christian M.

Revenge of Number One

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