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Lyndsey Gamble

January 24, 2011
By Animefairy GOLD, Deep River, Connecticut
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Lyndsey Gamble has everything. She’s smart and has an A average that boosted her to the highest rank of our class. She’s even dating my best friend, Caleb Setting who all the girls drool over. Lyndsey has a loving family and is rich with cash on their finger tips and for a rich girl; she is never snotty or bratty. She’s kind and sweet, and she sings well too. She’s a first soprano and she receives every solo and main role in school productions. She has popularity. Lyndsey Gamble has everything. Her best friend is Lily Saunders.

The final bell rang. Students shuffled out of classrooms, science labs, and the library, filling the stream of the hallway with traffic. I pushed my way through the herd, forcing bodies to move over. I finally reached my locker and began to twist the combination lock to open Clunk! The cold metal door opens to the Bermuda Triangle. My locker was trashed with old empty water bottles that I never got the time to discard, crumpled up assignments form the beginning of the school year, and lost homework that I never collected credit for. I wonder what else lurked in there.

I shuffled through my locker as if I was rummaging through a dumpster for my backpack, text books, and the latest homework. I saw a figure appear in the corner of my eye like a blurred dark shadow. I knew it was my friend Lily.

Lily leaned against the cold neighboring locker. Her long dark hair covered part of her face to confirm timidity. Her pink pale lips were trembling; her eyes stared like she was in hypnosis. I spotted tears forming in the corners of her brown, glossy eyes.

“Is everything alright, Lily?” I asked as I reached to move hair out of her face. Her eyes shifted to glance at me. She shook her head no. Lily was speechless, mute.

“What happened?” I began, stretching an exaggerated smile like the Cheshire cat to be goofy, “You know you can tell me anything, I’m one of your best friends!”

Lily gave a slight smile. There was a long pause and then she sighed, “Mike, she got it again!”

I hesitated. I didn’t understand, “Excuse me?”

Lily shook her head, rolled her teary eyes, and moved a strain of hair behind her ear, “Lyndsey! She got another solo, again!”

“I’m sorry,” I replied in a low voice, I didn’t know how to respond.

Since Lily had a really awful day at school, I took her out to buy ice cream. Lily loves ice cream; it’s her medication that I prescribe. Every time when we go out to the Ice Cream Shoppe Co, she gets two scoops of the mint chocolate chip flavor. It’s a successful cure.

Lily explained to me what had happened in chorus. They were auditioning for a solo in a song called “Kyrie.” The choral teacher searched for nervous victims to volunteer, but Lily’s hand shot up like a rocket, swaying with eagerness. Lily stood up and sang the solo with purity and made no musical mistakes. The teacher easily gave Lily the solo until Lyndsey Gamble suddenly comes barging in with a crinkled late pass. Out of breath, trembling limbs, Lyndsey apologized for her tardiness and the teacher offered her to try out for the solo too. Lyndsey took the opportunity.

Lyndsey sang the solo in the first soprano range. She had excellent voice quality, hit every note perfectly, and had no errors.

After Lyndsey sang, the choral teacher announced that she would be singing the solo instead of Lily. Lily thinks the teacher changed her mind about her because Lyndsey carries a higher voice. Lily is an alto.

“I hate those sopranos!” Lily grunted as she spooned ice cream into her mouth. The coldness of the treat cooled her anger.
“It’s not your fault.” I ensured, “It was the teacher who was being rude!”

Lily giggled, “Yeah, I suppose so. I’m not mad about Lyndsey though, she didn’t know.”

I ate a bit of my chocolate ice cream sundae that towered with a sumptuous amount of whipped cream. I thought deeply about Lily’s friendship with Lyndsey. Lily walks in Lyndsey’s shadows, her backup singer, and her sidekick. Lily gives away everything to her friend, she’s too passive. Lily can grasp and hold onto things. On the other hand, Lyndsey is too oblivious of Lily’s jealously.
“Does Lyndsey know how you feel?” I asked curiously.

Lily shook her head as she bit a bright red cherry off its stem, “No.”

“Don’t you think it would be a good idea to tell her?” I asked, my voice got a little high pitched.

Lily rolled her eyes, “It’s not easy, Michael!”

I shrugged and held out my hands to distinguish that I thought Lyndsey wasn’t a problem, “What kind of friend are you?”

“Mike, I’ve known Lyndsey since elementary school! We’ve been friends for that long!” Lily sighed holding back tears, “I can’t just wake up one morning and tell her we’re not friends anymore!”

Lily dropped her spoon into an empty ice cream cup. She crossed her arms and slouched in her chair, feeling the hard seat on her spine. She stumbled upon her words, “It’s just, Lyndsey… She, she gets everything!”

I nodded, “Thanks for pointing out the obvious.”

Lily smiled and began to collect her books and her dark purple backpack, “Thanks, Mike, but I have a lot of homework that needs to be done before Monday. I’ll see you later?”

“Yeah,” I replied as I watch her leave. A bell rang as the door flung shut behind her.

That evening, I met Caleb at the movies with a few other guys. We planned to see an action packed thriller with guns and explosions, something a girl wouldn’t enjoy. Caleb says he’s tired of the romance, vampire, and werewolf movies that he has to see with Lyndsey.

It was a Friday night, the cinema lit with teenagers. There were immature teens that attempted to sneak into rated R movies, groups of girls seeing chick-flicks, and tortured dates that have been dragged to see mushy romantic films. A surround sound of gossip, laughter, and chatter echoed within the cinema. I smelled popcorn at the concession stand, a buttery, salty aroma; my taste buds watered.

Caleb and I stood in a long line that snaked like a chain. Caleb and I scanned the menu for the prices of popcorn and soda.

Excitedly, Caleb poked me in the shoulder to get my attention, “Hey man, I can get Reese’s Pieces tonight!”

I looked at him awkwardly, I was confused, “And that means?”

“Oh, I can’t eat anything with nuts when I go out with Lyndsey,” he explained, “She’s allergic.”

I nodded, “Just in case you two kiss?”

Caleb agreed, “I’ll be in big trouble if I get her sick.”

“Can that happen?” I asked looking at my friend with curiosity.

Caleb shrugged, “I don’t know, but you know just to be on the save side.

Finally, Caleb and I reached the counter. I ordered a large popcorn with an extra pump of butter and a large drink. I got a package of Reese’s Pieces too because Caleb gave me the craving for them. Caleb, on the other hand, bought everything but the popcorn machine, Caleb can eat a lot!

We walked away after we paid and headed for the theater. I put my change in my back jeans pocket and shoved the candy in a pocket too; I’m saving them for later. As for Caleb ripped the orange package of Reese’s Pieces, I clarified, “So, Lyndsey got another solo, huh?”

Caleb nodded as he shoved candy into his mouth, “Yeah, she better had. She practiced for weeks, twenty-four seven. Do you know how many text and phone calls she never responded to?”

I shook my head as I ate a puff of popcorn.

“Lily practiced a lot too,” I announced looking at Caleb ripping open a thin pink package of Twizzlers.

Caleb sighed, “You like her, don’t you?”

I blinked, “Who?”

Caleb rolled his eyes, gave a huge sigh almost dropping all his snacks that he cradled in his arms, “Michael, you like Lily! Don’t play stupid!”

I blushed a little! I do like Lily, a lot actually. I think if I ever tried to ask her out or asked her to be my girlfriend, it would be come awkward. I love being friends with her right now. I don’t want to ruin it. It’s complicated. I’m like Lily’s older brother who cares for her. That’s what she probably thinks of me. Also every time she gets upset she comes to see me, Mike. I’ll always be there for her. I’m like her superhero, her knight in shining armor, not her boyfriend! Lily is blinded and can’t see the feelings that I hide. It’s better that way…

“Stop harassing me!” I complained coming out of my thoughts, punching Caleb hard in the shoulder. He dropped his candy and bucket of popcorn on the cinema carpet floor.

The movie was corny. The fake blood was easily distinguished as ketchup, the actors were bad at acting, and the movie was in 3-D which made it cheesier.

When Caleb and I broke through the cinema doors, we walked through a threshold to a wintery, cold, night. The crescent moon shined over the snow-covered Earth. The stars twinkled as they nestled in the black sky. The freezing wind froze my skinny hands and numbed my feet.

Caleb and I walked in the parking, mudding around in brown slush. Our vehicles were parked next to one another. Caleb owned a sweet blue Mustang convertible, it was a classic. The blue painted metal shell glared, mirroring the snowy parking lot and lit lamppost. The car polished and parked like a masterpiece. I thought it was stupid to be driving a car like that in the middle of December. The salt, ice, snow, and slush would ruin it. The car would rust and have corroded soon enough.

I had a lame station wagon. The black paint appears dull and scratched, and a few dents, nothing special.

I opened up the pathetic, black door, and the interior lights turned on. I looked back at Caleb who jumped into his Mustang. The top was down.

“Hey, see you later,” I said, “You heading home?”

Caleb clicked the keys into the ignition. The car’s engine revved up, “No, I’m going to Lyndsey’s place. Her parents are traveling for the next week.”

I nodded and tried to whip the images in my mind of the couple together, “Have fun with that.”

“I will!” Caleb gave a wink and thumbs up. He pressed the gas pedal and sped away.

I settled down on the driver’s seat and slammed the car door shut. I felt something bulging in my back pocket that felt unconvertible. I searched the pocket and pulled out a package of Reese’s Pieces. I throw them on the dashboard.

My drive home fell silent. I drowned out the radio and the rumbling of the vehicle with my thought. I thought about Lily. Her face is an image that is imprinted in my head. I hear her voice speaking like an everlasting song. I played the movies of my memories that I shared with her. I remembered the time when she and I would go for ice cream, the times when she wasn’t upset. Her laugh and smile is unique, angelic, and hypnotizing. Lily’s the sweetest girl I know. She’s talented too. She can draw and write, besides singing. I love looking through her notebook of pages and pages of drawings. She can really handle a pencil. I’ve read her poetry too. I’ve snatched her writer’s journal more than twice. She writes so deep. I can tell what she feels inside because her writing carriers her soul. I’ve notice that she writes about things that she strives for, but in the end she turns the story around and says she can’t have those things. Lily is so negative… and depressing.

I banged on the steering wheel angrily, if Lyndsey wasn’t around, Lily would be happy. Lily would always be okay.

“Then I can truly love her,” I whispered aloud sadly. Tears rushed into my eyes, but I immediately whipped them away.

As I kept driving towards home, my headlights captured a silhouette that I knew too well, pacing on the sidewalk. Dark hair covered her face, but blew gracefully along with the winter wind.

I began to break and roll down the squeaky passenger’s window. I peered out from the window, the cold air rushing in to kiss my face, “Lily?”

The figure stopped walking and pivoted her feet on the sidewalk towards my car. The girl squinted her eyes, “Mike?”

“Get in,” I ordered and she did.

I turned the heat on full blast, “What are you doing, it’s cold out there?”

“I know. I was walking home from Lyndsey’s house,” Lily explained, “We were rehearsing a new piece of music.”

She pulled out sheets of music that were safely tucked in her purple coat. She held it to show me evidence.

There was a long pause.

Lily looked at me, but then looked away. We both stared at the road ahead. We stayed in silence until I finally reach Lily’s house.

“Thank you,” Lily breaking the silence with a cheery, but soft tone like a whisper, “Mike.”

I smiled, “Are you sure you and Lyndsey are okay?”

Lily shook her head, “No… I wish she…could just die!”

I fell quiet and shocked with the words that were from her lips. She suddenly stated to apologies. I halted her by placing my hand on her shoulder. I sat quietly as I slowly leaned closer to her face. I gazed into the brown eyes that were locked on mine. I whispered, “I do to.”

I swiftly place my lips gently upon her lips. The kiss lasted a second, but it felt like a life time to me. I later backed away.

“Bye,” Lily gasped speechlessly.

Monday morning, like every Monday: tiring, annoying, and exhausting. I hate Mondays. As usual, time goes slow, as I frequently glanced at the clock. The clocks hands didn’t move, like time has stopped.

At the end of the day, Lily found me in the library. I worked on an English assignment after school.

Lily appeared paler than usual. Her hair was straight, eager eyes waiting for answers, and she was out of breath.

“Have you seen Lyndsey?” She asked shyly, as I was flipping through a copy of Hamlet. She was nervous.

“No,” I replied, “Why, is there something wrong?”

Lily stuttered as she tried to not look at my face, “No… I just haven’t heard from her since Friday. I called her yesterday, but she didn’t answer.”

I smiled to ensure that Lyndsey was fine, “She might be sick or something.”

“I just get worried,” Lily explained with a sigh, relaxing. She finally met my eyes and her cheeks turned red.
Tuesday came, and Lyndsey was absent from school again. Lily wasn’t able to contact her either. She was worried if her friend was feeling sick. I suggested I would take her over to Lyndsey’s house to see if she’s feeling okay.
We walked on the cold, icy sidewalk; the air burned our faces, as we stomped through the snow to the Gamble’s residents. They lived in a, luxurious, modern house. There were white columns and chiseled makings to uncover the worth of the building. The puffy soft, white snow, covered the roof, and icicles hung from the gutters. The fancy house looked chilling.
Lily knocked on the dark, maroon door, using the brass door knocker. I pressed the door bell. We waited. Lily looked at me with worry.
Nobody came to the door. I grasped onto the brass door knob that I slowly began to turn. I twisted and pulled the handle and the door opened. It was unlocked.
Lily slowly stepped into the expensive house, tracking in slush, “Hello, Lyndsey?”
Nobody answered. Lily and I search the residence. Empty, the house stood icy. The heat had been off for a few days. There was no sign of Lyndsey anywhere.
“Mike, I’m scared,” Lily looked over the dark brown railing from the second floor. I sped through the long decorative hallway with art pieces and vases. I yelled, “Nothing Lily!”
I couldn’t find anything; no note, no clue, and nobody.
Finally I met with Lily. Tears were burning form her eyes. She sobbed softly, “Michael, this isn’t like Lyndsey.”
“I’m sure she’s fine,” I soothed as I moved to hold Lily’s hand. She didn’t flinch.

Lyndsey Gamble has everything. She’s smart and has an A average, that boosted her to the highest rank of our class. She’s even dating my best bro, Caleb Setting who all the girls drool over. Lyndsey has a loving family and was rich with cash on their finger tips and for a rich girl; she was never snotty or bratty. She’s kind and sweet. Lyndsey sings well to. She is a first soprano and she receives every solo and main role in school productions. She has popularity. Lyndsey Gamble has everything. Her best friend is Lily Saunders
Lyndsey Gamble no longer had those things.
Lyndsey Gamble was murdered. Three days before Christmas she was found in a storm drain, five houses down from the Settings home. She was stabbed with a knife, had a broken leg and pelvis, and finger marks that bruised her neck. Lyndsey lay broken and dead. A blanket of lilies covered her decaying, frozen body. She clenched sheets of music that were stained with her blood. Detectives uncovered Reese’s Pieces that were found with her body.
Lily, Caleb, and I were questioned. We were suspects in the case… And one of us killed Lyndsey Gamble.

She stood silently and clothed in black. The winter’s wind blew her black silk dress as she clenched herself tightly with a heavy knitted sweater. I watched flurries cling on the top of her dark straight hair like powder sugar. My eyes fell to her pale white face. Her eyes were glossy like glass and her pink pale lips trembled with hurt. I saw the rivers of her tears run down her face. They were the tears of my friend Lily Saunders.
I stomped slowly through the dusty snow to plant myself beside her. I slowly put my arm around her small figure and gently rubbed her back. Lily needed all the comfort she could get.
Along with other people that were faces of friends and strangers, we stood in the center of a cemetery with sorrow. We were attending a funeral. A blanket of snow laid underneath our feet as the sky stayed clear, but grey. Gravestones were frosted with heaps of snow. There was only one pile of brown dirt from a newly dug out ditch that will sonly be filled again.

I starred in the direction Lily’s eyes focused on. She starred at a dark brown polish casket. The thought of who laid dead in the casket brought the rush of tears to Lily’s eyes. The body that lay in the casket was Lyndsey Gamble… And Lyndsey Gamble was Lily’s best friend.
A couple of weeks ago, Lyndsey had been murdered. The girl who has everything had lost everything. She was smart, nice, and successful. The event was the town’s tragedy of the century; a high school girl was found dead in a storm drain. She had been stabbed to death with a knife multiple of times. Her lifeless body lay in a blanket of lilies, blood stained sheet music, and Reese’s Pieces. The police have not caught the murderer, and the case is still pending.
When the casket was being lowered into its grave, Lily turned to me with watery eyes, “Michael?”
I looked down at her beautiful and innocent face, our eyes looked immediately.
“It’s true to be careful what you wish for, I guess,” she whispered quietly.
“What on earth do you mean by that?” I asked with a serious tone.

Lily bit her bottom lip, “It’s my fault that she is dead. I wished for Lyndsey to die…And now she’s dead! It’s entirely my fault…”

I shook my head as I moved my hand that rested on her back to hold her soft and cold hands. My free hand pulled her to face me and I cupped her angelic face. My face came closer to her, making our noses almost touch. She could feel my warm breathes. I gasped, “It’s not your fault.”

“Yes, it is!” Lily cried bursting into tears.

I pulled her into a loving hug and I nestled my cheek on the top of her head, “No, don’t blame you,” I whispered near her petit ear, “Trust me.”

I let go of Lily who grabbed my hand. She cried, but a smile creped upon her heartbreaking face. I smiled back.

“Can I say one last good-bye?” she asked through her smile as a tears fell down her face. I nodded.

She walked to Lyndsey’s dug out grave. She said a few words that were so quiet for me to eavesdrop. She then pulled out sheet music and trough it down the hole. They floated onto the casket. My eyes followed her walk up to Lyndsey’s headstone and kneeled into the snow. Her almost frozen tiny fingers held a banquette of daisies that she placed in front of the gravestone along with a wide assortment and varieties of flowers. Lily stood up from the ground and knocked off some snow off her dress, and I finally heard the word of farewell, “Good-bye.”

After Lyndsey Gamble’s funeral, Lily and I went home to change out of our dark and gloomy attire. I promised Lily that I would pick her up in an hour so we could go out for ice cream. Ice cream always lifts Lily’s spirits up. I hoped the treat would make her feel a little better, but I know ice cream would not heal the full pain of lost and death.

Lily and I walked through the Ice Cream Co.’s glass doors where a ring of a jingle bell welcomed our entrance. By the hand, I guided Lily inside the icy, but playful atmosphere. The shop’s walls were painted like a cotton candy blue with white dots. There were picture frames of sundaes and milk shakes hanging on the walls. The tables and chairs were white, but the seats and table top were a primary blue.

I squeezed Lily’s hand, “The usual?” I asked with a smile.

“Mint chocolate chip, please!” Lily agreed with a giggle.

I gestured to her to find a table while I ordered our ice cream. I watched her glided to an unoccupied table by the window. She waited patiently, fidgeting with colorful advisements on the table. Reading her timid face, I knew there were a lot of topics cramming in her mind.

I finally sat down across from Lily, placing her two scoops of mint chocolate chip ice cream with a bright red cherry on top in front of her. She clenched the bowl and grabbed a spoon.

On the other hand, my sundae was topped with a large amount of whipped cream. A puddle of hot fudged melted the mountain of ice cream. Nuts, sprinkles, and candy were rained upon it. Unlike Lily, I like to be adventures and try different flavors. I got a few scoops of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

No conversations stirred up while we dug into our creamy treat, until Lily had eaten half of her serving.

“This is going to be the worst winter vacation,” Lily spoke, poking at her melted ice cream.

I chucked, “That means more ice cream, right?”

She laughed at my joke and shook her head no.

A long pause of silence to place as I noticed Lily drifted off into space. I waved my hand in front of her blank face to breaker out of her daydream.

“Sorry,” She snapped and sighed, “I just… I just feel bad for Caleb, you know?”

Caleb was Lyndsey’s boyfriend.

Lily went on, “He is a suspect in Lyndsey’s case, and I am too.”

I snored and said heartlessly, “I think Caleb killed her anyways.”

Lily dropped her silver spoon on the table in shook. Her eyes grow wide with disgust, “How can you say that? He loved her!”

I shrugged, “Well, if you put the puzzle together, Caleb murdered his girlfriend.”

I reminded her that in the police report that Lyndsey was found dead in a storm drain, nearby Caleb’s house.

Lily cupped her ears because she didn’t accept the truth and she didn’t want to hear it.
She refuses to see and believe in the reality.

I then explained to her that I went out to see a movie with Caleb on the Friday night that Lyndsey was predicted to be murdered. I said that Caleb had been really angry that evening with Lyndsey because she was ignoring his phone calls. She’d been to busy rehearsing choral music to addition for a solo, the same solo that Lily wanted. I also mentioned that Caleb got Reese’s Pieces that night too. He said he didn’t eat the candy around Lyndsey because she was allergic to peanuts. There were Reese’s Pieces found with her body.

“And after the movies,” I explained on, “Caleb said he was going to her house.”

Lily sat back in her chair in disbelief. She frowned with angry eyes because I talked badly towards Caleb. She fiercely moved her dark brown hair behind her ears. Her eyes shifted to me and sat up in her seat.

“Maybe you murdered Lyndsey!” She spattered irritated, “It seems you know a little to well about that Friday night! I remember seeing Reese’s Pieces in your car too.”

“What?” I shouted back, “Do you know where I was afterwards?”

“Where?” Lily asked rolling her eyes, “Where, Mike?”

I reached out for her hand and I held it tightly. I could sense that Lily’s heat had just dropped with the look in her eyes. I calmly said, “With you.”

Two days later, I found myself sitting in an uncomfortable, hard, wooden chair in a cold and dark room. I felt the hairs on my skinny arms and legs stick up with nerves. I could feel the heat rise to my face as if I were guilty. I felt sweat on the back of my neck as a serious, uniformed man stood in front of me. His tormenting, dagger eyes scanned my shaking, but stern body. His badges and the gun strapped to his belt were torturing enough besides the questions he had asked me. The police officer tried hard for me to slip up, but I stand my ground and didn’t.

“And there is nothing else about Lyndsey Gamble’s murder that your not telling us,” the officer asked glancing over his clip board of notes that he had taken.

“No, I told you everything I know; the movies, the candy, and my friend Caleb being the last so see Lyndsey.” I listed in an annoyed tone, “I’m not even that close to Lyndsey!”

The officer took some final notes, “Okay then, you can be released, but you’ve given us some useful and helpful information. Thank you for answering our questions and cooperating without a hassle.”

I nodded, “Thank you, sir.”

He directed me to the door as I stood up from the chair that I hope to never sit in again. I walked through the police stations lobby were I heard numerous telephones ringing. There were many officers scurrying around. I saw a man in handcuffs being held by an officer in a corner. I couldn’t wait to get out of this environment.

While I walked out into the December air, I took noticed of the dark blue, classic Mustang parked parallel to the sidewalk. I only knew one kid who had that kind of car and who is dumb enough to drive it around in the winter, Caleb Setting.

I saw Caleb packing snowballs by the slippery, sliver sidewalk. He roughly made a ball and randomly threw it in rage. I figured he too, is a suspect in Lyndsey Gamble’s case.

I watched him pack another snowball and wound himself up to launch it straight for his classic Mustang. I ran out, almost losing my balance when I stepped onto the ice, to stop him, “Whoa man, calm down!”

I had my scrawny arms and hands up, protecting Caleb’s car. Caleb suddenly eased his strong and muscular arms down and relaxing his tightly coiled arms. He gently dropped the handful of snow by his feet and falling apart onto the sidewalk.

“I’m sorry, man.” Caleb whimpered like he was about to cry. I’ve never seen him cry before.

“What happen?” I asked calmly.

Caleb hesitated, “I’m done Mike, and they all think I killed her. I’m done and I’m screwed!”

I just stood there in the cold, hearing this rant. He went on and on about charges, court, lawyers, and prison. He feared he would be falsely accused of committing Lyndsey’s murder. Though my eyes, Caleb’s in a tough situation, and I don’t think there is any evidence that would clear his name.

I bit my chapped lips, “I don’t know what to tell you.”

“I’m screwed man, Lynds’s parents have the money to hire the best lawyers in the county,” Caleb sighed with a lot of self doubt, “They’ve always hated my anyways.”

Caleb looked down at the ground and kicked some snow. He gazed at his car and then at the taunting police station.

“I’m going in for questioning in a few minutes,” He finally explained, “Their probably going to lock me up afterwards.”

“Maybe,” I said easily as I began to give him words of hope, “Though, I know you didn’t kill her,”

Caleb smiled, “Thanks for believing in me, Mike.”

I welcomed him as I gave him a reassuring smile. I then went home.

The sun shined brightly as it warmed up the day. The weather became warmer and the snow slowly melted away. I drove up to Lily’s muddy driveway and put my car in park. I got out of my old station wagon and slammed the dirty door behind me. The body has a white substance from the calcium and salt from the road.

I walked up to the Saunders’ door carrying a white plastic grocery bag. I brought a present for Lily. I knocked hard on the light blue painted door where Mrs. Saunders welcomed me cheerfully.

“Hello, Michael!” Mrs. Saunders said with a smile full of white teeth.

I asked if Lily was home. Mrs. Saunders answered that she was in her room and pointed up the stairway. Before anything could get any awkward, I ran up the red carpeted stairs to find Lily.

Standing in Lily’s room’s doorway, I heard her pecking at a keyboard. I quietly watched her trace notes on sheet music and then finding it on the keyboard. I almost laughed when I realized all the keys were marked A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. Lily is not very strong in music, but she gives her best effort. I finally knocked on the door frame.

Lily looks up from her keyboard, ‘Mike!”

She happily gets up and runs to give me a hug. I embraced the fragile arms that wrapped around my body. I looked down at her and she had an excited smile painted on her lips.

“I brought you something,” I teased.

Lily’s eyes lit up, “Really, you did?”

From the grocery bag, I pulled out a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Lily laughed as she accepted the gift, “Thanks, I’ve been needing a lot of this lately.”

I put my hand on her boney shoulder, “I know. Do you need to talk?”

Lily sighed and dragged me father into her room. The walls were painted purple, Lily’s favorite color, and the room was kept clean and organized. Books were neatly on shelves and CD’s were placed on a rack. Lily didn’t have any clothes thrown on the floor which were probably kept color coded in her closet. She has always been tidy.

We settled on her bed and Lily remained quiet. I stroke her hair, but she pulled away.

I was questioned the other day,” Lily mentioned.

“I was too, I chimed in, “Yesterday.”

Lily nodded, “Oh, so… Then you know what happened to Caleb?”

“Yes,” I answered.

Caleb’s being tried and accused of murdering Lyndsey. He’s pleading not guilty. The news has been following the trail and the case. Almost every five minutes the news stations discuss and gossip about ‘The Case of Lyndsey Gamble.’ Caleb is being trialed on January 4.

“Lyndsey’s dead and she’s still gets all the attention!” Lily whined.

I laughed, “It will blow over.”

Lily looked at me with a confused look, “Why are you so happy?”

“I’m not!” I argued.

Suddenly the room fell silent. I lay back on Lily’s bed and sighed. I gaped on Lily, still sitting up. I could tell she was thinking long and hard about something. I nudged her arm.

“Hey,” I stated.

“They tried to frame me! Lily broke in, looking down at me with frightened eyes, “The murderer, they know me. There were lilies with her body!”

I shook my head, “No, you weren’t. The flower, lily is the flower of death.”

Lily jumped, “See… I’m death!”

I shook my head again, “No, the name, Lily means innocent.”

Lily looked at my face with teary eyes, “Really?”

I nodded and took her hands. The room fell silent once more. Lily looked back at me.

“Can we stop?” Lily began, “You know… about her?”

“Then… What did you want to talk about?” I asked calmly and openly.

“How about… That same Friday night,” Lily answered, “With… Us.”

My mind had a flash back. I replayed and rewound the moment in the car with Lily, the moment where I stole a kiss from her lips.

“We never talked or mentioned about it, “Lily explained rushed. She was talking about the kiss because she though we were just friends. I want to be more than friends, “What happen?”

“Lily,” I whispered, but I lost my words. I didn’t know what to say, but I had actions. I suddenly sat up from the bed and captured Lily’s mouth once again. To my surprise, Lily didn’t resist. We kissed and kissed and kissed. Finally our lips separated so we could breathe some air and finally the words I have longed to say escaped form my mouth.

“I love you” I whispered as I looked into her chocolate brown eyes. I gave her a deeper and more passionate kiss.

When I finally got home, I locked myself in my room for the rest of the night. There had been so much drama going on that I needed to breakaway form it all. I sat down on mu comfy, tan, leather chair by my window. I looked around my cluttered room that stood still and calm. All the while, chaos ran around and loud in my head.

I pulled out a folded piece of paper from my jean’s pocket. I unfolded it with care, thinking of the original owner. Lily gave this to me before I left this afternoon. She said she wrote a poem about Lyndsey. Lily is an amazing writer and poet, her words can be inspiring. I’m excited to read some of her work.

I looked down at the crumpled up line paper that had been titled, ‘Daisy”


Your dead, but I don’t seem to cry.
Am I happy?
Am I sad?
I just feel the pain from my jealousy inside.
You’re my friend, but enemy to.
Will I forgive?
Will I forget?
I’m just tried of hearing it’s all about you.

You had everything, but it’s all gone now.
You’re buried in a grave, far underground,
And you can only push up daisies.
You had everything, but not anymore.
You’re gone and you’ll be nevermore,
And you can only push up daisies.

Your dead, but will I cry?
Am I happy?
Am I sad?
I just ask myself for the reasons why.
You’re my friend, but only my friend.
Will I forgive?
Will I forget?
I only feel the thought of my hate I want to regret.

You had everything, but you still have me.
You’re in heaven, and I hope you see,
I sorry you can only push up daisies.

I read the poem a few more times. I could imagine Lily speaking the poem and her words becoming imprinting and sometimes taunting. This poem composed Lily’s feelings towards Lyndsey then and now. Lily bottled up her hate and jealousy in her heart that Lyndsey had never been aware of. This poem is Lily’s apology. Lyndsey could have gone to do many great, exciting, and successful things, but now she’s dead. All she can do now is push up daisies on her grave.

I looked out my window where snow was falling. Snow flakes spun down to the ground. I watched the flurries dance in the air like fairies doing ballet to the Nutcracker Suite. I imagined the music and a sharp pain struck my heart.

On January 4, Caleb Setting, age 17, was found guilty of committing the death of Lyndsey Gamble. Setting is being sentence to prison for 60 years. He is being charged of man slaughter. Setting receiving the death penalty is still being argued. The case of Lyndsey Game has been resolved.

She stands in the fluffy snow, silent while she read the graving of her dead best friend. She placed a neatly rolled up paper that was tied with a black satin ribbon on top of the grave stone. A daisy stuck out of the scroll that held a poem by Lily Saunders.

I stood next to Lily while I read Lyndsey’s epitaph:

Gone to soon, the lost of great successes.

“It should have been, “She had everything, but not anymore,” Lily sighed grasping my hand. Her voice sounded raspy like she was about to cry.
I thought of Lily’s poem, “All she can do now is push up daisies.”
Lily nodded, “Yeah…”
She turned to face me with a serious face wanting answers. Still holding my hands, she studied my eyes.
“Michael, can you be honest with me?” She asked.
I placed a kiss on her forehead, “Yes.”
“That Friday night,” she asked harshly, “after you kissed me, where did you go?”
I hesitated, but Lily went on.
“The lilies and their meaning,” Lily listed, “There were Reese’s Pieces in your car…”
Tears began to fall from Lily’s innocent brown eyes. I slowly stated to peck at her lips and she still kissed me with passion. I could feel her love in that kiss, but I tasted a bite of hurt. I looked down at her pale, shy, and fearful eyes. Lily hates the truth.
I came closer to her face, almost touching her nose with mine. I true fully sighed and confessed, “And I said I wanted her dead too…”

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on Jun. 3 2012 at 6:48 pm
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Favorite Quote:
Time only numbs all pain, it does not heal the wounds created by, nor does it heal the pain

Roses and Love? I'm not good with names :p but you should defintaly writ more! I'd love read it if you do! Also can you look my work plase?

on Jan. 30 2011 at 3:52 pm
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Thanks for reading it. I wrote Lilies and Reese's Pieces last year for creative writing class. This year my english teacher read it and became crazy about it. :( She had me write Daisie's and Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream!

My friends read both and love them too and want me to write more... Ugh!

I don't know what I should do for the next chapter. Roses and... I don't know? Any suggestions?

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Whoa, the last sentence of the first chapter came out of nowhere! Awesome!

There were a couple contradictions here and there ("Bye," Lily gasped speechlessly. ...Speechlessly? She just said "Bye" :P)


I like this and it's unique, but when it comes to teen murders you have to be careful as it's a sensitive subject with a lot of emotions involved.


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