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By Anonymous

     The people have spoken and Bush not only won the election but received the most votes ever (59,459,765 people voted for him). In addition, both the House and Senate are now firmly in the control of the Republicans. How can this be? Living in Massachusetts and reading the liberal Boston Globe, it seemed impossible that Bush even had a chance. Luckily, the rest of the country saved us from the other candidate. Unfortunately, in my town, Kerry won by a narrow margin (2,284 to 2,164).

What has this election revealed? I think it shows how out of touch the Democrats are with the American people. As John Stewart said on his comedic “Daily Show” (and I quote loosely), “The economy, the war in Iraq, health care ... none of these issues could trump the thought of two dudes kissing.” This election has highlighted how terrible the Democrats are at reading the American people. Two out of three branches of government are controlled by the Republicans and as soon as a few Supreme Court members retire (which they will in the next four years), the third branch will be in control of the Republicans, too. The Democrats’ incompetence clearly lost them a big election, but, on the plus side, their ineptitude scored a major victory for the Republicans of my generation. Thank you!

What exactly will come out of this election? Maybe Michael Moore will do us a favor and go on a hunger strike. Or maybe he will take Bush’s advice and “Get a real job.” For me, the election means I don’t have to worry about the draft. Bush has vowed innumerable times that there will be no draft. Kerry also said he didn’t support a draft, but he’s not known to be the most consistent politician.

Although four more years of the Bush administration does not guarantee that there will be no major terror attacks, it does give me a certain sense of optimism. Think about it, since 2001 Bush has protected our nation from terrorist attacks. Also, his administration created most of the anti-terror organizations and who better to run those organizations than their founders?

Moreover, Bush’s victory gives me a better chance of getting a job and keeping the money I earn. After all, the economy has grown 4.8% in the past year, as fast as any year in almost two decades. Productivity grew at the fastest three-year rate in more than 50 years, and real after-tax income is up by 11 percent since December 2000.

As for the election’s impact on our school and community, that remains to be seen. The majority of my teachers seem disappointed that their candidate lost, but little else should be expected from unionized workers who are paid with tax dollars. The students at my school seemed to rally around Kerry but for the most part they are apathetic.

Will Roe v. Wade be reversed? Will gays be allowed to marry? Will Kerry get more Botox? These and many more questions remain and none can say for sure. One thing is certain, though, for the next four years, America will be for Americans. Iraq will not be turned over to the rest of the world, and neither will America’s homeland security. To quote Stewie from “Family Guy,” “Victory is Mine.”

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