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No more evil on the home front MAG

By Anonymous

America raises its communalFlag
red, white, blue but mostly white
white stars bleeding over the darkblue
complete with cleaning instructions
from the omniscient voice ofever-speculating newsmen -
dry clean, wet clean, oxy-clean, spin clean, quickclean
Bush himself chimes in - real good clean, evil-lessclean
get-out-the-evildoers clean, corporation clean
andoil-resistant-but-not-so-blood-resistant clean.

And America raises itscommunal Flag
rolled out of its sports-utililty spacious dreamland
toprepare the mushroom-cloud soup
to feed the not-so-poor
who for some reasonor another
can only see red, white, blue but mostly white when they
put ontheir war goggles
to sip red blood-wine
on leather couches.

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i love this so much!