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Why Don't People Look Up? MAG

By Anonymous

   When you first walk into a room and are looking forsomething, where do you look? Chances are you will look right, left and down.Maybe you will even look under things, but probably not until you have exhaustedother possibilities. What is missing, though? Up.

No one looks up. Try ityourself. Invite someone into a room and position something above their head.Tell him or her to have a look around. You will not see the person looking up.When you point out the thing above, you will invariably hear, "I never wouldhave seen that!"

A different but similar issue: why is the povertyline keeping more people down every year? Why is there an even greater separationbetween rich and poor? I would say that it is the same reason people don't lookup. They are used to things on their own plane and don't want to strive too hardto change things.

At the same time, they don't want to dream too big.What happens if that dream is shattered and they are left with nothing? So,people dream of the little things - a steady, if small, income, a chance not toget shot or not to go to jail. This isn't the "American Dream." It'snot even the American daydream.

People point out the traditional examplesof successful American Dreamers - the Rockefellers, Donald Trump and Bill Gates- but these people made money with money. They were never below being middleclass. Bill Gates may have worked out of a garage once upon a time, but it wasn'tin the slums.

I challenge you today - you who can afford computers, whogo to college, you who dare to dream and have that dream realized - I challengeyou to share your dream. Take it out into the world. Join a program and helptutor those less educated, for it is said that education is the great leveler. Itisn't going to be easy or fun all the time, but those who aren't afraid willrealize just what a precious thing their dream is, and will cherish and want toshare it that much more.

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i love this so much!

jlang said...
on Apr. 4 2014 at 11:43 pm
This is wonderful thanks for writing this and sharing