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Based on a true Society MAG

By Anonymous

Analyze with your eyes the demise of ourworld,
fatal fury unfurled, twirled, whirled and conclusivelyhurled,
natural disaster coming faster than the absolute power of anyreligious pastor,
maybe the work of the supreme master, the messagemuch vaster
than the previous themes before it, I choose to furtherexplore it,
many choose to ignore it, but I plan to restoreit,
restore what? restore when? restore who? restore how? restorewhere? restore why?
restore perceptive concepts back into youreyes,
I vocalize, asking why?
mother nature, why is the aftermathof your wrath often a path
to a continual bloodbath of innocentindividuals? Is this the repercussion
of all the diabolical schemessociety has been up to? Why mother nature? Why do
you send arelentless demon named Floyd, a horrendous hurricane
hired to inflictpain with his forceful winds and rain, your beliefs insane
I stillexplain, I continue to complain, I don't see through you liketransparent cellophane,
and I still worry about what SadaamHussein
will do to start another worthless war, before anotherAmerican gets caned in Singapore,
before the ruthless robbery of yetanother liquor store,
before I ask again the question why? Why do wego to war with Iraq?
do they incite war or do we provoke it? Why doesit seem that America
always, always has to be involved with everyoneelse's business?
is it because we try to protect other countries oris it because Mr. President has to demonstrate
that we can dominatein combat by sacrificing thousands of young men and women to establishhis message of madness?
you tell me how the government works. Ishould go berserk
on those political jerks and their corrupt systemof inequalities.
one of my reasons is that the government we electselects the nation's
top intellects to be architects for variousconfidential projects to design more
nuclear weapons for war. Well, Iobject because it seems incorrect. Had they
any respect, they'd thinkwith their minds.
I recollect that the government uses thosebrilliant
intellects to find something more important such as anantidote for the AIDS epidemic.
I strongly believe that if thegovernment weren't so immature, there
would've been a cure, but theywere too insecure. Sometimes it's hard to understand
certain things.Why is it that the leader of the greatest country can
get away withcommitting adultery, but I get convicted of a felony
if I steal apack of gum from a company?
Maybe a female president wouldn't be sobad so we can refrain from invading Baghdad
ever again because theleader's corrupt cranium has just caused profound pandemoniumwhich
has just been quite quarrelsome. If incompetence were a creditcard, he'd be promised platinum
talking about how he smoked, butnever inhaled.
Good thing he's gone in the millennium.
Speakingof the millennium, one of the first initial terms
that comes to mindis the word
apocalypse, 10 letters, 4 syllables, 1meaning
Webster's Dictionary defines it as the ultimate destiny ofthe world
full of imminent disaster and the final doom,
I assumewhen we all go boom the evil will definitely bloom andconsume,
leaving no space for a little elbow room for any homelessman or wealthy tycoon,
for any beautiful bride or her prosperousgroom I assume and presume,
it seems no one is immune, so what wouldyou like on your tombstone?
You might answer pepperoni and cheese,but if you please
death is a catastrophic weakness, death is aterminal disease,
death is not a common thesis, not your ordinaryhypotheses.
It was the golden touch of Midas, it was the vulnerableheel of Achilles.
prophets define the word apocalypse as the year2000, the y2k
any day a doomsday, a Monday or Tuesday,
a rainy dayor fair day, and even a bad hair day
yeah, that's right, they2k
when most individuals worry about their computers surviving theyear 2000
I worry about my soul surviving the year 2000
I guessthat the meaning of y2k compliant will just have to change
because itwill be arranged that we pay for our deranged strange operations.
Ifyou're familiar with the Bible, it was 2,000 years after the garden ofEden came Noah,
the man who sailed the flooded land with two of eachanimal in hand as a command
from the most high. 2,000 years afterthat man came Abraham,
the first man to believe in monotheism whileall others believed in polytheism,
his strong faith too powerful forsociety's criticism,
after Abraham came Moses, the man who parted thesea to free
his people into their ultimate destiny, after him cameJesus, whose genuine behavior salvaged the world.
So who's steppingup to the plate temporarily to
decide our fate? perhaps a feeblerookie or an undisputed heavyweight?
someone who gladly heals orsomeone who lacerates? someone who guides or one who abdicates?
isthere still enough time or is it eternal checkmate?
do you reallythink that this corrupt world is worth saving yet anothertime,
another monstrous mountain worth the climb, or another poemworth its concluding rhyme?
sometimes I really doubt that andwhy?
for example, we have ignorant human beings erasing otheridentities
by just a little trigger squeeze that would make your bodyfreeze with effortless ease. prejudiced human beings adding to thedistress by attempting to address
their race is far superior, allothers inferior is expressed
well, I am not impressed, just merelydepressed since there is only one true race,
the human race thatis.
It seems ebony and ivory will never live together in
perfectharmony because of certain impure individuals taking advantage
oftheir power in today's society. Unfortunately, that I canguarantee.
we also have greed taking over our land because people saythat
money buys happiness when all it really buys is a session ofdepression,
personal aggression, the compression of confession,obsession of self-impression,
and the discretion of just one elementof the Armageddon.
Do you even know what I'm trying to signify?Because one day we will
all have to say bye-bye and certify oureternal lullaby. Can you even identify
how you can purify your soulso you can be saved? That is one question you
shouldn't ask me, youshould ask yourself because there is only one person
who can everchange you, and that's you. So, face adversity and live life to itsfullest
because you only have one chance.

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i love this so much!

on May. 2 2009 at 10:21 pm
blondie101 SILVER, Las Vegas, Nevada
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this is great!!!! i am impressed! keep up the great work! :D