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By Anonymous

   I was surfing channels onenight and started watching "Date line" when the mostdistressing story came on. It was about canned hunting, in which wildanimals are bred by ranchers. When they are old enough, the animals gointo a fenced-in area with no means of escape. This area can be as smallas 25 or as large as 1,000 acres. Customers select the animal they wantto kill, then pay a fee. The ranchers will even take the"hunters" to the areas the animals are most likely to be. Someeven radio to each other. The hunters try to shoot the animals, gettingas close as they want. The animals don't have a chance to get away withthe high fence that surrounds the hunting grounds.

This isunfair and should be stopped. It is a cruel way to kill animals. Theworst part is it is legal in more than 20 states. The ranchers doingthis have absolutely no respect for the animals, which are trapped andlured with bait so the ranchers will know where they are. Some placeseven cleared paths so the animals were sure to find the bait."DateZline" went undercover and showed videos of killings. Iwas shocked. In one instance, they showed a man killing a ram. He hadcornered it in front of the fence, and was shooting arrows at it. It wastrapped, dying slowly. After a little while, the man shotit.

Canned hunts are cruel and need to be stopped immediately. Ifwe allow them to continue, what will be next? The killing of our pets?

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i love this so much!