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A True Falling Star MAG

By Anonymous

   You're on top of the world. These are your years to be great.Everyone loves you. You're a great athlete, known by all thegirls, and everyone treats you like a god. You're a star, andyou think your life is going to skim by. News Flash! You'reonly in high school. This will end.

We've all seen itin movies, books and real life. Everyone loves the jocks;they're cool and popular. The teachers help them out withtheir grades so they don't miss the big game Friday night, andtheir life is perfect, but this is not the realworld.

I don't think I have ever seen a want ad withrequirements like "must be a quarterback" or "must average atleast ten points a game." There's no future in being a jock,and why is being tough such a cool thing,anyway?

What's up with the whole "nerd" thing? Whowouldn't want to be smart? Would you rather be prom king orvaledictorian? I've never witnessed thousands of dollars inscholarship money handed to the winners of the homecomingrace, but it is only high school. A little world of its ownmeant for beauty queens and football stars. If you want to seewhat happens to the jocks and princesses in the real world,just wait a few years and things will change.

One lastthing - for all you "nerds" out there, try to make it to thatten-year reunion. That's where you'll catch the falling stars!

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i love this so much!