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By Anonymous

   When do you nottell a lie? In my opinion, you shouldn't tell a lie unless youare placed in a harmful situation. I once had the terriblehabit of constantly lying to my friends and family. I used tolie to my parents about grades and to my friends about dumberthings: "I have an airplane that was used in World WarII." No wonder I didn't have many friends! No one couldtrust me. I didn't realize just how important school wasthen.

I am proud to say I am a D.A.R.E. (Drug AbuseResistance Education) graduate from Presque Isle PoliceDepartment in Maine. I was in the program for four years onlybecause it was a required class. What I learned in D.A.R.E.didn't really affect my life until I moved to the little townof Delta Junction, Alaska. Here, I learned I don't have to lieabout what I have or who I am to make myself more popular. Ibecame a different person when I entered high school. I feltthat if I did what I thought was right and made no friends, ohwell. Instead I became who I wanted and made new friends overtime.

Many people tell me I am shy and speak softly.The truth is I don't talk much because it is hard for me tosay something without lying. This only happens when I amtalking to someone I don't know well, as a way to get theperson's attention. I can talk to friends and family withoutlying because I know the consequences if I do. I just say itlike it is when I get frustrated or upset, although I have theterrible habit of yelling or destroying things if someone getsme extremely upset.

My point is this: if you are one ofthose people who is afraid not to "fit in" withouttelling a lie, don't be afraid to change who you are to whoyou want to become.

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i love this so much!