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Video Games and the Y Chromosome MAG

By Anonymous

   Children today have a growing interest invideo games. As technology has increased, so have the realismand splendor of games, as well as their interest to kids.Unfortunately, or fortunately, the majority of video-gamersconsist of males, not females. Hypothetically, one could saythis is because of girls' upbringing. I do not agree for tworeasons. One, there is a growing mass of female gamers outthere. Two, girls just developed an interest in other things(all probably more useful).

One might say boys likevideo games because of the action and fighting, things guyssterotypically like. Or because we're susceptible to anythingin which we blow things up. Who knows? All I know is that somekids get carried away, and they become almost subservient tothe games. That type of child just has problems.

Girls,however, based on whom I know and what I know, just thinkwe're easily entertained. Well, we are, but hey, what can Isay? They got annoyed during the parties we had a couple yearsago. Since Nintendo 64 has four player action, we wasted a lotof time playing games, and they laughed at us. Since then, Ihave tossed out any thoughts of playing when girls arepresent. But the fact that we play all these games and own somany seems to confuse them.

What is it that makes usplay video games instead of sports when a bunch of us gettogether? I think that answer will someday be discovered by ascientist when he or she uncovers the video game gene in ourDNA.

Recent studies show that kids have faster reflexesand reactions, causing them to be much better than theirseemingly sluggish parents. Guys have fun playing video games,and always will.

So, until they discover why (andmaybe a cure for those who don't want to play games), myfriends and I will continue to waste plenty of time in frontof the boob-tube, racing and flying in space. Also, we willcontinue to test the ability of females by trying to get themto play more. With the help of (supposedly) more"female" games on the market, I think it may somedayeven out. But hey, guys usually claim they can't understandwomen. This craving for video games could, perhaps, give womensomthing to try to figure out about us.

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