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Bullets And Violence MAG

By Anonymous

   I find that American culture has many problems. America has one of the highest crime rates in the world. It is affecting everyone living here by making us lock our doors, have alarms, carry weapons for protection, and go out in groups. It is getting worst every day. Other nations don't have such a big problem. For example, Chinese and Japanese children are taught at an early age how to control themselves and handle stress.

To solve the violence, I would love to be able to take away everyone's bullets. A lot of people own guns, so you shouldn't take those away, but if bullets were made illegal, they coudn't shoot them and hurt others. To help enact this solution, I could write letters to the senators of Ohio, or even the President, to give them this idea. I wrote a letter to the Akron Beacon Journal on this issue, and it was published! This would change the way things are by not having as many killings and gunshot victims in hospital.

By taking away bullets, the crime rate might decrease. I know that there are other weapons (knives) that can be used instead of guns, and that there are other crimes to worry about (rape, theft), but the major crime of murder would decrease. This would change things by not having as many friends and family hurt or killed by guns. We wouldn't have to turn on the TV or radio and hear about as many killings. There are people who use guns for hunting, so we could issue them bullets for this, but make them return unused ones.

Making bullets illegal would be very beneficial to American society. If one person has a loaded gun, everyone else wants one for protection too. If nobody has a loaded gun, nobody else needs one. ?

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