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Yesterday Overlaps With Today MAG

By Anonymous

   The grown-up flower children of the sixties, who once fought to make love not war, are once again stirring up controversy.

Adults misconstrue teenagers today as grungy, neo-hippie burn-outs who chain-smoke and cut school, have blue and pink-streaked hair and possibly a tongue ring. Haven't they learned not to judge books by their covers?

Between puffs of her cigarettes, Janis Joplin spoke of peace and love. Her songs were short and sweet with messages of equality. She was not parents' idea of a role model, but to her fans, Joplin remained true.

Today it's Rage Against The Machine and their screaming lyrics about rebellion and governmental issues that makes parents hold their ears. For Rage fans, the music is about speaking your mind and standing up for yourself - messages parents translate as mischievous and negative.

Thirty years ago hippies fought to be taken seriously. They wanted people to look beyond bellbottoms and platform shoes. They struggled to climb out of the stereotype that anyone who had long parted hair and listened to The Doors smoked pot. But who's to say if they ever succeeded?

Hippies are older now, with careers and families. Now it's their children who are dealing with others' judgments and ignorance. How could this generation forget what it's like to be stereotyped into a one-size-fits-all category. Whether it's bell-bottoms or oversized jeans, platform shoes or Doc Martens, clothes are still clothes.

Although it's a new time, and our taste in music and clothes has gradually changed over the years, we still need to work on changing our judgmental attitudes. ?

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i love this so much!