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Change MAG

By Anonymous

   One voice

Echoing in the cold night air

Muffled by the heaviness around it

It sounds out

Alone in the night

Hoping to be heard

In the midst of

Hate and anger

Crying out with all the strength of the


Hoping just one person will

Stop ... and


Waiting for the time to

Ignite a fire of change

Piece by Piece

Person by Person

It grows

Without notice

Till it's too late

Heard by some ...

Ignore by others

One day it will burst through the

Sound barrier

To be heard and noticed by

All mankind

Till that day, it will continue the

Struggle onward

Breaking away at that barrier

It ...

The voice of the future ... of equality

A voice that one day

Will be heard throughout the


A voice for our


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i love this so much!