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Holiday Giving MAG

By Anonymous

   When holiday seasons approach, there seem to be more food drives and other charitable programs than usual and everyone is more willing to donate to them. This is great, but, for many, this is the only time that they are charitable. People should be more consistent. If they are willing to give their time and money during the holiday season, they should be willing to do it all year.

Charitable programs are more noticeable around this time of year. There are food and clothing collections at schools and churches, as well as more people collecting for different charities such as the Salvation Army. If these types of programs were more noticeable during the whole year, people would be more aware of the problems and would be giving all the time.

The unfortunate people who need food, clothes and a place to stay do not exist just during the holidays. People should realize these programs are not just there to make them feel like they are doing good, they are there to help people who need it. ?

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