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By Anonymous

   For others to love you, you must love yourself first. No matter how old you are or how bad the circumstances, you have to have faith in yourself and know who you are in order for people to love you. In fact, you can hardly do anything if you don't know who you are.

I can easily remember an instance that demonstrates this very well. It was during my first year in middle school, when I didn't know who I was at all. I didn't know what to think, what to do, or how to act. I had no friends. I was crushed that year, and I became extremely depressed and introverted, even with my family.

Fortunately, one day, I was able to make the decision that I needed to transfer to another school. That summer, I started to have interests and opinions, and think about what type of person I was. I thought about the clothes that I wanted to wear and about the people that I wanted to become friends with. All of a sudden, when I entered the seventh grade at my new school, I was swarmed by kids of all different ages. I made so many friends that I could hardly believe it. When the year ended, I thought How could I have changed and gotten so many friends so quickly? I realized that it was because I had a sense of who I was and so I could relate to others and their feelings.

So, in conclusion, if you reach out to people and have confidence in who you are, people will like you and connect with you. In addition, you will like yourself and be proud of your personality. Learning to love yourself is truly an important lesson. ?

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