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An Incident MAG

By Anonymous

   The warm woolen hat comes just above her eyes.

The rusted vehicle coughs to a start,

Carelessly tossing her scrubs in the back seat,

So innocent.

Departing the social scene in the early morning hours,

Staggering out into the street

Five individuals boisterously pile into mother's wagon,

screeching away recklessly.

So young.

She thinks about her grueling, long hours and awaiting sheets.

They total up their intake for the evening.

She goes through on green.

They go through on red.

Sounds of crunching metal and screeching brakes

Pierce the still black night.

Then, once again silence

Not even a breath to be heard.

Paramedics and cops swarm like bees

In a fruitless effort

To find signs of Life.

But they are too late.

Tragedy poured out of a bottle,

Drowning all six.

Innocence and youth both

Swept away with the arriving dawn.

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i love this so much!