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Solutions: Drugs MAG

By Anonymous

   There is only one solution to the drug problem in the United States: legalize them. There would not be a drug problem if it weren't for politicians. People have been using drugs for millions of years and people will probably use drugs forever.

In countries where drugs are legal, you don't see a drug problem. There is no drug-related violence or other crimes related to drugs like we see in this country.

How many times do you see: "Stoned driver kills person"? Never? How many times do you see "Drunk driver kills person"? All the time? After someone smokes pot, all they want to do is sit down, watch TV and eat a twinkie. When someone drinks too much, they can get upset, go home, beat their wife, or do some other stupid thing. Which do you prefer?

People say that drugs kill brain cells. Well, alcohol kills the same number of brain cells while destroying your lungs, as do cigarettes. If alcohol and cigarettes are legal, why aren't drugs? ?

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i love this so much!