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   Who is Ross Perot, and why is he running for president? Since the United States economy and political systems have suffered a great deal under the present government, voters are looking for an alternative to George Bush and Democrat Bill Clinton. Ross Perot, an independent billionaire from Texas, represents that alternative to the American voters. He is an outspoken man who has never held political office, yet shows obvious leadership abilities and has some great ideas.

Ross Perot has not yet declared himself a candidate for the presidency, yet he is almost definitely going to be on the presidential ballot in November as a third party candidate. Ross Perot will definitely be a formidable challenger in the campaign. His ideas are embraced easily and his confidence is unmistakable.

He has been involved with former President Nixon, Chrysler Company's Lee Iacocca, and many other influential Americans. He is strong on environmental issues; his views on drugs are very tough; his economic recovery plan is both realistic and plausible, and his views on education are sure to improve the state of education.

Ross Perot is the leader America needs and it seems to me to be the only candidate who is realistic and also is interesting and courageous. American needs Ross Perot to get back on its feet. n

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