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By Anonymous

   My eyes and ears were open, but weren't perceiving. I was watching and listening in disbelief. Our world is filled with all sorts of terrible things. Good people have to work and slave to make this a better place. Somehow, that innocent dream got lost somewhere. Our world grows worse and worse.

When I finally started to open my eyes and ears, I began to realize how my surroundings are affecting me and my community. I found that people tend to feel that it's better to ignore a problem than to work at it until a solution is found. Homelessness, AIDS, racism, unemployment and gang-related crimes associated with drugs have become so overwhelming that society is starting to accept these things as everyday life. Well, I refuse to accept them. I know they're wrong. These things shouldn't be happening, and I, with the help of the community, aim to solve these outstanding problems. We should not place the responsibility of changing our world into someone else's hands. It's our responsiblity to get involved in as many activities as we can, so that maybe, just maybe, we can make a difference.

I know that I am tomorrow's leader. I have to prepare by getting an education. I understand that it's necessary to seek knowledge of other languages, cultures, and different ways of living in order to relate to others. If I'm going to help others seek knowledge, I have to be prepared for discouragement, disappointment and denial.

I aim to help stop spreading hate, anger, and ignorance; stop criticizing and accusing. For ignorance is constantly eating away at our world. Somewhere along the line you and I may get discouraged and say, "What am I doing?" "I'm not making a difference" "No one appreciates my help" "Why should I care?" I'm asking you please find it within yourself to keep on struggling and fighting for what you believe is right and just. Keep on striving to eliminate oppression and negative messages by replacing them with brotherly love, and positive messages and encouragement. And influence others to express themselves with diligence and in a respectful manner.

I know that my patience and faith will be tried in years to come. I hope and pray that I will be able to withstand the many trials tossed my way, but I cannot do it alone. I need you, and you, and you to help by giving me words of encouragement and support. I truly do believe that if we would just get up out of our comfortable chairs, stand up for what we believe and hang in there, together we can make a remarkable difference. I believe that if we stand up for what we believe in today, we will truly live up to the responsibility of the 21st century. n

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i love this so much!

on Aug. 7 2010 at 4:46 pm
InsaneKitten BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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that''s sadly life..... its unfair  and its a pain but its also a fun game..... most people now r not nice and generous.... It's a sad fact. Good luck in ur cause but I'll bet ull make a difference in someones live i jut wouldn't get my hopes up on the whole world.... always baby steps :3