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Heart's: "All I Want..." MAG

By Anonymous

   Heart's Top 40 single "All I Want to do is Make Love to You" contradicts today's message about safe sex. The lyrics as well as the video portray a selfish attitude about sex; it offers a totally unrealistic solution for couples who are unable to have children.

The song begins with a woman picking up a man who's standing alongside the road in the rain. She "didn't ask his name," but since it is "love at first sight," she asks him to "stay the night." In the morning she disappears leaving a note saying "Don't try to find me..."; clearly this was just "one night of love." When the song continues, however, the woman returns with his baby. The next lines were the shocker: "Please, please understand... I'm in love with another man (what?!)... And what he couldn't give me / Was the one thing you can."

With the threat of sexually transmitted diseases prevalent in our society, how could the woman let just any guy get in her car and use him to have a baby? Is that a sane thing to do? This song gives me the impression that the woman was either incredibly stupid or just plain didn't care. It's dangerous enough to pick up a total stranger, let alone sleep with him and have his baby.n

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i love this so much!