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Why Complain? MAG

By Anonymous

   People today are always complaining about this or that going on in their community. People feel the constant bubbling of frustration in their bellies but what does complaining and being frustrated do for these problems: nothing. People need to rise up and let their voices and opinions be heard. If people cannot devote time to their cause - to the struggle - then one is not helping. If a person is against/concerned about the ongoing cloud of racism hovering over us they can a) join a group that takes action (rallies, pickets, marches), b) read a newspaper or magazine about racial incidents so they know exactly what they're talking about when they march, c) do community service once a week or month. If a person is concerned about the homeless problem they should a) talk to some of the homeless people on the street (not all of them are drunks, junkies, etc.), b) work at a homeless shelter, helping to clean it up, etc., c) donate some of your old clothes to organizations that help the homeless. The list could go on and on because there are so many concerns. But the simplest thing to do, which few participate in these days, is reading the newspaper. There are so many different problems circulating in our world today that people need to be educated. There are problems ranging from here to Kathmandu, Nepal, literally! People must daily read the newspaper and watch the news. Watch the news with your family; watch the morning news before school. Complaining and being frustrated does not help anyone or any cause. Doing it, fighting for your cause will do something. Each person has a voice, and it's loud and powerful and needs to be heard, not only by your friends but by your community.n

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