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We Learn From Our Mistakes

June 4, 2009
By xshannxthemanx BRONZE, Anderson, Texas
xshannxthemanx BRONZE, Anderson, Texas
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At the young age of fourteen, I learned just how important it is not to let your guard down. I remember when I began to witness the habits and behaviors of those around me begin to change. Everyone seemed to become defiant,and they seemed to posses a curious need to fit in. I have to admit,I, too, felt myself being pulled in by the odd, magnetic-like tug of the new, exciting life-style that seems to come with being a teenager, and as I tried to get away, the harder it pulled, and as it did, I began to think I would never escape.

I've come to find that the cause of this pull is peer pressure, silver tongues, and the stress of fitting in. Relationships, being surrounded by things you're not comfortable with, and painful experiences. All of it seems to be too much to handle, too much to balance with schoolwork and new found responsibilities. For the majority of us, including myself,it is. But that's High School, the ultimate test of your strength and willpower to overcome. The place that can make you, or break you. In the midst of it all, it's where most of my fellow classmates and friends have gone astray. They're stuck right in the fast lane, too scared, or too blind by the excitement, to get off and slow down for fear of getting run over.

I've only just turned sixteen a month ago, but sadly I've already witnessed the results of getting on that road, and going just as fast as everyone else. I, myself, was headed in that direction at one point, but luckily with the help and strength of others, I was able to turn away and go in the opposite direction. Although, it wasn't easy, if anything it was, by far, my greatest challenge yet.

I began going in this terrible direction in just one night, and the events that occurred during this one particular point in time is what made my decision final. That night, I found myself falling into the mainstream of things, faster and easier than ever before. I was surrounded by others who were doing so, which influenced this fall,and with this I was near rock bottom, and I could hardly get up on my own. The events of that night changed my perspective completely,mostly because I was afraid. I convinced myself that what was happening was completely and utterly WRONG, both for myself and for others. It was life changing, and it saved me from one of the things I hate most.

Now I'm on my own path, going as fast, or slow, as I wish. I'm enjoying the view, and looking forward to seeing where it leads. I've realized the ignorance myself, and those around me, and now I know what needs to be done, or even more so, not done, to keep myself genuinely happy and to overcome this challenge, and those to come.

The author's comments:
This is actually an essay I wrote for my sophomore English class last year. I wrote it as a direct result to my own experiences and what I learned from them. Hopefully the reader can learn from this as I did.

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