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June 15, 2009
By hearts-n-love BRONZE, Staten Island, New York
hearts-n-love BRONZE, Staten Island, New York
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Every time a day even a second passes by we get older n life keeps hitting us wit unexpected things. everthing and everyone around us is always changing even we r changing wen we least expect it. we get into arguments wit pplz we love but u noe at the end of da day ull always forgive dat person cuz u cant go a whole day witout talking to da pplz we love. we try new things every day ppl shouldnt judge us we r who we are n if they dnt like dat well watt evaa. every1 makes mistakes we should never judge, every1 is different get ova urself n stop thinking ur normal or make fun of pplz that are weird cuz hav u looked at urself ur not normal so much are u?. we all hav 1 life we should live it!

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