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How do Lay’s Stax stack up to Pringles?

September 28, 2009
By bluebug77 SILVER, Alpine, Utah
bluebug77 SILVER, Alpine, Utah
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Pringles vs. Lays stacks which will win the overall best chip? Lay’s Stax has only been around since 2003 but is major competition for Pringles. Until 2003 Pringles had complete control of the market for stackable dehydrated potato chips. Pringles has been around since 1967 and attained a pop culture status. The Pringles slogan is, “Once you pop, you can’t stop.” After years of loving Pringles it was hard to imagine anything could top my favorite potato chip product but it did in 2003.

Lays Stax was created to be a Pringles knock-off but I feel it made stackable chips better. Pringles are lighter, thinner, delicate, and have a leaf like aspect to them. Yes this makes a Pringle easier to pop in your mouth all at once but it crumbles more easily and makes more crumbs when you bite into it and more chips are noticeably broken when the can is opened. Stax are 3 times thicker than Pringles which gives a Stax a nice crunch when you bite into one. They seem to be toasted or baked a little longer and have a crispier taste. The flavor test is most important in comparing these two stackable favorites. Pringles have a huge advantage over Stax because most of us grew up eating Pringles. When I take a bite of a Pringle the taste takes me back to the summer days of my childhood on the beach. My mom always brought Pringles to the beach and on vacations because they were easy to travel with and didn’t take up as much room as a bag of chips. The nostalgic attachment to Pringles makes it a strong competitor with Stax but I believe Stax have a better taste and placement of flavor. Pringles place their flavor on the bottom of the curve but Stax places the flavor on the top of the curve so when you place the chip on your tongue you get the flavor right on your taste buds. I believe that there is a new potato crisp champion of the snack food world and that champion is Stax.

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