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Useful Weaponry

February 9, 2010
By eleven_eleven BRONZE, Carlisle, Pennsylvania
eleven_eleven BRONZE, Carlisle, Pennsylvania
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Murder is a terrible thing done by terrible people holding very powerful, intimidating weapons. But long ago, these weapons were used to keep people alive. The pioneers came to America with very little. One thing very essential to their survival was an old-fashioned version of the gun. These pioneers not only used these guns for protection, but they also used them to provide meat for their hungry families and villages. Without guns, the pioneers never would have survived.

Today, we are faced with the question of whether or not guns should be permitted to be owned and stored by common people. True, guns are very dangerous, especially when in the hands of the wrong person, but not everyone is the wrong person. The people who choose to use guns wrongly will still find ways to acquire guns if they would happen to become illegal for civillian use. Obviously, these people have very little or no cares about the consequences their actions will bring. So, if it becomes illegal for the common man to own a gun, the people who will use the guns negatively will find a way to get guns, despite the fact that having a gun is illegal. Seriously, when you're going to kill or harm someone and get in serious trouble for it, why should one more small illegal thing bother you?

Take today's drug problems for example. Drugs are illegal, but that doesn't stop them from being everywhere. If it becomes illegal for the common man to own guns, that won't stop them from being around. And you can be sure that most of those guns that are still around will be used for the wrong purposes. So, seriously, why take away the guns from the many people who use guns and other weapons correctly? Those people keep guns for safety. They have guns to protect themselves and others in the case of a life-threatening emergency where the use of a gun would be essential to their own life or the lives of others.

Hunting is another reason to have guns around. Hunting is a popular sport that is also helpful in multiple ways. Hunting helps keep the animal population down so that certain animals are not over-populated. This also helps prevent other means of unuseful animal disposal. The animals that are shot and killed when hunting are then butchered so that their meat can be used for the winter and throughout the year. Being able to hunt gives families hard-earned, cheap meat. Hunting is also an old coming-of-age ritual. Why deprive people of what they have had for so long? Those who hunt get a feeling of accomplishment when they bring home an animal to provide meat for their family. Hunting also is good family time. It also gives us a greater understanding of nature. Hunting brings so many people out into the forests to experience the wonders of the outdoors.

In a world where technology keeps so many of us indoors all day, away from the beauty of nature, we can't risk taking away one of the things that brings so many outdoors. Everyone needs to think seriously before they act in any situation, and I believe that the people who wish to take guns rights away from the common man have not thoroughly thought this through. The cities bring so many people away from the beautiful and plentiful country farmland and the lush, green mountains. Hunting brings so many back to the country farmlands and up to the mountains. Guns are essential to hunting which is a very popular sport and provides meat for so many families. Guns are also essential to protection. The people who will use guns wrongly will not be stopped by the fact that the use of guns by civillians is illegal. All of these reasons and so many more lead me to believe that guns should always be legal for use and ownership by the common man. Depriving us of those rights will be a terrible decision that will most likely lead to more gun-related problems. So why take them away if things are bound to get worse. Another of the American freedoms should not be taken away. Those responsible for improper use of weaponry should be severly punished, but the rest of the responsible, law-abiding citizens should be allowed to own guns to use for protection and hunting because they are something we should never be deprived of because there is nothing wrong with proper, responsible use of a gun. It provides food and protection for so many, making it very useful, essential, and necessary for the continuation of the American people for years to come.

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