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Golden Arches For Gold Medals?

February 10, 2010
By JamesRM173 SILVER, South El Monte, California
JamesRM173 SILVER, South El Monte, California
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Wow I just saw a something that truly baffled me. I saw McDonalds promoting "healthy living". Let that sink in for a while if you want. What the hell is McDonalds thinking? A fast food corporation that has turned normal people into over-weight Big Mac fiends is trying to turn around and say, "Go out and play!" I'm sorry Ronald McDonald, but I think that you're pushing your luck a little bit there. Last time I checked, the healthiest thing on your menu was the water that we get for free. And even then, I'm sure that you found a way to put in a little bit of grease. To me, McDonalds promoting healthy living is like a drug dealer telling kids that drugs are bad for you. I was even amazed that during the Summer Olympics McDonalds was running adds and sponsoring the games. I bet that most of the Olympians didn't even eat McDonald's food. Well except Michael Phelps, he'll eat anything after a case of the munchies. Well to bring this rant into a full circle I'd like to leave you on this final note. McDonald's should stay out of anything that has to do with living healthy and if they are going to promote it at least try to make you menu a little bit more healthy.

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