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I'm Henry Cabot Lodge and I say No!

May 20, 2010
By jdeluca GOLD, Bedford, New York
jdeluca GOLD, Bedford, New York
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To join the League of Nations and to sign the Treaty of Versailles would be a big mistake for America. As we stand here in clandestinity ask yourself, is this what America wants? I have personally read the Treaty of Versailles and, trust me, America does not want this. Feel free to read the Treaty for yourselves.

If we join the League of Nations and sign the Treaty of Versailles this means we will have to involve ourselves in every conflict that takes place in Europe. Firstly, although we are a major power, like many countries in Europe that have already signed this Treaty, we are geographically separated which is one of the many inconveniences. There are approximately 1000 miles of ocean separating our continents. For us to take a boat or a plane to Europe every time they have a conflict (and everyone knows that Europe is always having some sort of conflict) would be costly to the American taxpayers and very illogical. Can’t they solve their own issues without having America involved?

Secondly, this Treaty and the League of Nations actually could cause another war. World War I was mainly caused by nationalism, militarism, imperialism, and alliances. The Treaty and League could promote these things, especially, rival alliances. If America has to get involved when another country in the League of Nations is having issues, this could cause conflict. Furthermore, if America comes to the defense of one nation, then its enemies and the enemy’s allies become adversaries of America. Do we really want another war? I am sure no one wants another fight because all of us have seen how bloody and awful WW I was.

Thirdly, my fellow Congressmen, we have our own problems here in America and don’t need to interfere in Europe’s issues. It is difficult and costly to be solving our own issues, let alone those of others. We have to address our immigration issues, union riots, and our continued industrialization. We also have to maintain our relations with those countries closest to us such as Cuba and Puerto Rico.

Thank you congressmen for attending this meeting, keep in mind though, I am well aware of our economy with Europe. I do realize that we have great trade with Britain and France and I am not trying to ignore that. Our economy boomed during the war, it was one of the main reasons America went to war, and I am not trying to start bad relations by not signing the Treaty of Versailles or refusing to join the League of Nations. In the future based on the Treaty of Versailles and the League of Nations, I can predict another world war and I want to protect America from war. Although they might think what they are doing is preventing a war, it is not.

The author's comments:
I wrote this in the persona of Henry Cabot Lodge and what he was feeling in the 1920s

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