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November 3, 2007
By Anonymous

You so say I'm gullible

You so say I'm vulnerable

Innocent and pathetic you accuse me

You so say I'm heartless

You so say I'm loveless

You tell me I don't need to change for anyone

You turn around and tell me you need to see a new me

You so say I'm beautiful

You so say I'm pitiful

Why cant you stop pushing these things on me

And find out the truth for once

Get to know me

Like metal

I am strong but under pressure and heat I bend

Like a candle

I am created and destroyed by someone else

I am strong but not always steady

Like a book

Those who really know me can read me so easily

I am detailed and complicated to the last chapter

Like a Pond

I flow so easily with what is thrown at me

But I never seem so go any where

Like a cloud

I bring shade on hot days

but I also bring tornado's and destruction.

learn to know me

I so say I'm Strong

I so say I belong

I so say I believe

I so say I'm conceived

I so say I'm pretty

I so say don't pity

I so say I hate me

I so say I love me

But no matter what you think is in me

I know who I am

I know what I want at least

I so say I am me

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