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Who's to Say?

November 4, 2010
By AAD602 BRONZE, Grosse Tete, Louisiana
AAD602 BRONZE, Grosse Tete, Louisiana
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"That is some very interesting stuff. It really, really is."

Who’s to say what does or does not exist? People say that magic; dragons, unicorns, spirits, and mermaids aren’t real. How can they be sure? If they have never seen them, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I don’t believe every story or tale I hear, but I don’t think that they are imaginary just because they haven’t been spotted. Maybe someone has seen them, and they chose to keep it a secret. We may never know, but that doesn’t make it fantasy.

The Harry Potter series is the main inspiration behind this post. Whenever I read the books, I get this feeling of wonder, as if it actually exists and a whole new wondrous world is just around the corner. They always make me feel as if magic is real, and I’m just a muggle born into the wrong existence. Those thoughts got me thinking of other stories that are supposedly imaginary. Ghosts and spirits, creatures, aliens… they are all assumed to be myths.

I truly believe that aliens exist and are out there somewhere. The universe is simply too big for humans to be the only creatures in it. Earth is a relatively small planet. There must be other specimen somewhere else in space. When I start thinking about aliens, I wonder what they look like. Are they like us or completely different. Maybe they are even closer than I think. They are probably wondering about us and if we exist, too.

I don’t particularly believe in mythical creatures, mostly because there are some logical explanations as to why they don’t exist. However, some people do believe in them. If they feel strongly about the topic then I believe that they should be able to feel however they want about it. Its wrong to keep pushing their views down, claiming that the creatures don’t exist and they should just give up on the idea. Everyone thinks differently, even if they won’t always admit it out of fear. The believers have every right to feel how they do. People shouldn’t claim that magic is pretend just because they don’t have proof.

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aliens, unicorns, etc.

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