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October 23, 2007
By nightbabe SILVER, Wayne, New Jersey
nightbabe SILVER, Wayne, New Jersey
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By Melissa Skolnick

Love-the subject is so complicated and yet, so simple. Love is like a flower bud that blooms with each drop of sunlight. It's a combination of mountains and valleys. Everytime love had a setback, it goes into the valley and prepares to climb again. NEver give up on love. Sensitivity plays a major role in love. Each lover's feelings must be met and understood. Compassion must be bestowed upon each loved one. Sympathy helps, but empathy is a necessity. If lovers do not understand each other, the flower dies. The sun disappears into darkness. Nature is based on love. Mankind is based on love.It is a spirit among us. We can neither see it nor hear it. However, we can most certainly feel it. It happily travels in and out of our hearts. Love is a flower that sheds beauty from one person to the next. Love is just who we are and what we care about. And no matter how many times we have been subjected to love, we are always dazzled, as well as confused by it. Love never ceases to please and amaze us. Love is truly everlasting.

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