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I want....

April 13, 2012
By MatalinNoel PLATINUM, Lexington, Indiana
MatalinNoel PLATINUM, Lexington, Indiana
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"Never give up, Never surrender."

I want to live life to the fullest.

I want to dance in the rain and forget all the pain.

I want to make my today, create my tomorrow.

I want to live in my dream, where i can laugh and sing.

I want to love who i love and spend forever with them.

I want to find my purpose, i know there is one out there.

I want to make my ideas have a life of their own.

I want to lose control sometimes, I want to give up.

I want to believe I'll never do that, but it may not be true.

I want to live a life without pain.

I want to stop all the hate.

I want to be able to go somewhere and be safe.

I want to be the one to admit that i hurt.

I want to be the one who doesn't cry.

I want to be free of all this pain.

I want to have a life without worries.

I want to be myself, but i'll never have a chance if i stay where i am.

I want to know who i am inside my heart.

I want to have somkeone care about my problems.

I want to dream of a life where everything's okay.

I have so many things i need to do, and so many ideas. I just don't know how to explain.

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