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Has Society Gone Round the Bend?

December 15, 2012
By Hannah_d BRONZE, Penicuik, Other
Hannah_d BRONZE, Penicuik, Other
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I sat just the other day in the dentists waiting room tapping my fingers anxiously against the arm rest of the industrial plastic chair. I glanced at my mother who was sitting flicking through a magazine I knew she wasn't reading. Glancing over at the coffee table I saw a wide array of tattered magazines from 2006 onward. I usually stay away from magazines and the like, the minute I pick one up I usually feel my IQ levels dropping but I needed something to take my mind of the impending dentist appointment. The first one I picked up was and ancient looking dog-eared thing. The pages most likely smeared with germs and sweat from many nervous patients before me.
I had been expecting to find some article titled '2012 Winter Trends' accompanied with some pictures of woolly jumpers written by someone called Becky who had only just mastered the art of commas. What I found was worse, much worse. I found page after page of the most ridiculous articles you will ever read. Each one more badly written than the last with more absurd headlines and dubious looking pictures. What surprised me the most was that this magazine was one of the best-selling ones in the country. I was forced to pick up a Christmas cookery magazine from 2010 to cleanse my mind.
I was quite shaken by this ordeal and felt more than anything else that my mind had been violated.
Literature had taken a downward spiral concerning magazines, I honestly do not see why we give into these people who put these magazines there. I propose that every time you go to an appointment at the dentist or the hairdressers or wherever you leave a copy of Teen Ink in the waiting room. Together we can bring good literature back into our everyday lives!

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