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please stay

June 21, 2013
By shay furr BRONZE, Johnson City, New York
shay furr BRONZE, Johnson City, New York
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almost everyone in the world is messed up inside,everybody has issues or problems, some people are even going through traumatic events.I personally have a lot of issues,but i know that people have bigger problems so i say,i really want people to know,that you are not alone,no matter the situation your in,somebody out there in the world feels your pain.sometI'mes i sit in the corner in my closet and cry until I'm shaking and my eyes are swollen.After a few hours,i finally say to myself,i need to dry my eyes and be strong.Anybody out there that feels this way, just think to yourself , i have to be strong to get better. so many tI'mes i have thought of committing suicide but i never do because i think of the affect that it will have on my family, so if you feel this way, please stay,no matter who or where you are, no matter what you do, somebody out there knows what you been through,death doesn't fix a problem it just ends everything, and hurts everyone.death isn't a solution, its an ending,not to your problem but to everything. so, please stay.

The author's comments:
i wrote this to let everybody know that there is a 14 year old girl out there in the world that has been through anything you can imagine, i wrote this to let people know,my name is shay, and im here for you, your not alone, i dont know you but, im still here for you.

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