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By Anonymous

     We’re young, capable, and the whole world is waiting for us to take and move it and shake it in a way that no one has yet. We have every opportunity. We could become president or raise a great family. We are at the point when we can choose to do anything and reach any horizon we can get our fingers on. It’s popular to doubt us, frown on us, and worry about what we’re going to turn the world into. But we’re teenagers, which is pretty much synonymous with being stubborn. This being true, our stubborn nature does not allow society’s doubt to alter our views and aspirations. We will surprise you.

Teenagers’ brains are wired every which way, leaving us risky, quick decision-makers. Our passion for new things and desires can take over. I use the word “passion” because that’s what we have. Teenagers are passionate about everything, whether it’s writing, relationships, sports, working out, you name it, we put our all into whatever we do.

We’re complex, we live for the moment, and we’re good at it. There shouldn’t be an attempt to figure us out because, to tell you the truth, we’re still figuring ourselves out. What we are learning, though, won’t leave us anytime soon. Our brains capture those lessons and keep them in the backs of our minds for rainy days. Trying to define us is impossible, but just know one thing: We are America’s best-kept secret.

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