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August 22, 2019
By Sweetheart-Frog GOLD, Warsaw, Indiana
Sweetheart-Frog GOLD, Warsaw, Indiana
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"We are stronger, together!"

      Our nation is divided, brother against brother, sister against sister. We forget that all of us are immigrants, we all came from different countries. Different places all around the world. American is not a term for people who’ve always been here, it’s a term for many people combined into one whole. Our country is still young, and we still don’t realize that we need each other to keep our countries going. No matter the color of your skin, your ethnicity, or your background you deserve to be treated as an equal to everyone. Put your hate aside, tolerance and love should be the message our country teaches to the world. I was born in America, but I have lived world wide, I’ve lived among these different people, I’ve seen their different cultures. We are all people, we all live together in the same world, like siblings we must learn to share it. We are divided, splintered, but we must bind together, not for America but for the future of our world. “
Vivere diligere et amare disco.”

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