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Teachers Should Not Be Armed

September 14, 2023
By jcuffaro SILVER, York, Pennsylvania
jcuffaro SILVER, York, Pennsylvania
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     You are the only concern in a crisis. Everyone else is concerned for themselves. Although this isn’t always the case, I think it should be.

     The United States has a widespread epidemic, unlike no other country, of school shootings. One solution that many have proposed is to arm school teachers. While this is a consideration that many have to wonder what good or bad it would do, there are some genuine concerns. 

     Guns are not the problem. We know this. And we know that the perpetrators can be diagnosed with a severe mental illness, either before or after the crisis. In that, attempting to fix this problem with guns, which complements the problem, is not the solution. A school shooting is an unexpected crisis, not only for the victim but also for the assailant. But with how frequent news reports are of school shootings, it’s become something the current generation of young adults are numb to, and other things they’ve also been numbed to by having an excessive amount of it- however, that’s a separate issue. The societal norm for the parents and children of our nation is that it’s not unexpected for kids in America to go to school and not feel safe. Or to possibly be killed. But that doesn’t mean we put guns in the hands of our school educators. Simultaneously, it seems the notion of having teachers armed with guns would be to “neutralize” a threat. However, the chances of it working consistently for the foreseeable time are unlikely.

     As I see it, the answer lies in stricter gun laws in the United States that would reduce the chances of mass violence, along with boosting the mental health infrastructure. Political position-holders in America often promise to make this happen but only disappoint Americans.

     It is an understatement to say that school shootings are prevalent in our nation. And arming teachers with guns is not the solution.

The author's comments:

Many debate on whether or not teachers should be armed. The article is what I’ve developed, in my mind, as an opinion through the lens of a teenager- and what the opposing sides have to offer as to reasons for being the best choice.

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